Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Mixtape

Oh boy.  Not to go all Palin on you, but OH BOY.
Nylon's December Mixtape is ACE.  And free.  So...sorry, how can anyone complain now, ever?
And this is why we love Nylon, children.  And don't forget that excellent Josh Madden and Troublemaker re-mix of a few months ago. Here, lemme see if I can find a link to that...
in the meantime:
December 2011 Mixtape by NYLONmag
Oh! And here's Josh Madden x Troublemaker's Veronica Sawyer.  Clicky, clicky, download.
And just search Josh Madden and Troublemaker on and there's a couple other groovy mixes on there.  I'll let you find em, it's good exercise, right?
And now, my loves, my last day of studying.  And last day of being sick.  And tomorrow...first day of skiing. Para mi. Excited? Yes, thank you.
xxx and all that jazz

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crazy inspired.

Inspiration eh?
A little glamour,
            A little grunge,
                        A little rock-and-roll.

gotta run, and all that - mas inspiration manana, possibly.
xxx and all that jazz,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

So...let's worship Tina Fey for a moment, shall we?

First of all, the woman is gorge.

Second, I love her and Amy Poeher together...a lot.  See Baby Mama.

Thirdly, she's just funny.  And she understands everyone, basically.  As for this picture...let's reference another great Tina moment, ergo Mean Girls - "girls who eat their feelings..."

Now go watch some 30 Rock or something. 
xxx and all that jazz,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Well Florence has done it again.

I know we've had this conversation before, but hey, Florence has done it again. 

Although the mask the darkness was wearing...did that scare anyone else at first? Too freaking Phantom of the Opera for me.  But even with that, this video is fantastic.
And who else can sing the words "bright blue eyes" and not sound cheap?  No one but Florence, that's who. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shoemint, go!

The shoes on the home page are gorgeous.  I want them incredibly bad, so, okay.
Linky, linky.
xxx and all that jazz

Thursday, November 17, 2011

more music.

More music!
So the other night I pulled a bit of what you might call an all-nighter. Okay, I didn't pull it off a bit, I did it.  So I listened to French music on YouTube to keep me from dying while I did my homework (what, and you think I'm exaggerating?  French music makes everything better, actually. Even all-nighters.)
And tous les femmes Francaise AIMENT Julian Perretta, so it was only a matter of time before he popped up on the side, even though he's not French, he's a sexy Brit/Italian. This isn't usually my sort of music, but he makes it just enough his own that I'm crazy in love with it.  And his sexiness is up there with another, more famous, American/Italian Julian.
The video's dumb, although he is, like I said, sexy.  Go search Stitch Me Up if you want a better video (where he's even sexier. and his girlfriend has the best outfit ever.)  Oh, who am I kidding, I'm going to embed that too. 
Wonder Why - I love this song a lot.  like a LOT.  Also, hello...kazoos! ;)

Stitch Me Up.

And all his other stuff is good, too.  I'm a little bit in love with this kid, so please listen to him.  And then we'll all be a little Julian-crazy.

Baby Hippo...

I randomly saw something about baby hippos, and then I had to google them, and then I saw this.  Baby hippos look so bizarre it's ADORABLE.  This might well be the cutest thing ever.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Now Imma throw a whole bunch of music crap at your heads...just kidding, it's not crap. But this is like...consider this day my music issue.  Not that it isn't everyday.  Anyways, that analogy is over...
now let's get to the music.
My roomate's sister found this song a few weeks ago, and last night my whole apartment was looking up and listening to on crazy repeat...Ben L'Oncle Soul.  He's some fantastic French guy who has INCREDIBLE covers.
So HERE he covers The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army, and I freaking love it. 
Oh, who am I kidding?  I'll embed it.  But promise me you'll watch it since it's so freaking easy to get to.

And here, he covers Roxanne.  Yes, the Roxanne.  And I love this, too.

And here is a little part from this little song called "I Kissed A Girl".
Heard of it?
Love this.

And how can you not love his fantastically retro covers and his little French inflection on everything?  It's impossible to not.
And that's just a little bit of his genius.  Go YouTube him NOW.  Where is the Love - Avi is a winner, too.  And Barbie Girl (Yeah, I know, don't you love him already?), and Soulman, and,
OH WHAT THE HECK.  Here's another one for you.  Hit The Road, since 2010 (just kididng, since Ray Charles sang it).  Hoo freaking rah!

and all that jazz (heh.  pun gleefully intended.)

oh and...check it out! I'm on Soundcloud!  Covering Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.  The quality isn't the best, and I definitely make a few mistakes, but, it's alright, it's all good, because it's a cover of one of THE LOVELIEST SONGS EVER.  So it's okay.  People will forgive me for not being perfect, right?
(And did anyone who's heard Adele's cover of "Thats It, I Quit, I'm Moving On" on 19 get the little Adele moment there? ... Anyone?)
Oh, right, the link.  Clicky, Clicky!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 4.

And Day 4? I might as well do it while I'm here.  I don't know what's meant by "your favorite pairing" guess like pair?  Couple?  I'm trying, here.
Favorite pair/couple/pairing/whatever the fetch the creators of this thing meant...Ron and Hermione, most incredibly obviously.  Now that that's over, goodnight?  Imma go listen to some Lissy Trullie.  Love her.  And her fantastic mannish voice.  And her free music on  Wiiin.
xxx and all that jazz

Day 3 of the Harry Potter Challenge.

You may have noticed that I haven't done Day 3 of the Harry Potter Challenge yet.  Or then again, maybe not.  I'm banking on you hanging on my every word though, waiting for my every post...;)  I haven't done Day 3 because it's impossible.  Pick my favorite character?  That's like asking me to pick my favorite part of Christmas (which...why do people ask that so much, actually?  It's IMPOSSIBLE.) or picking my favorite goldfish (of the 5 that are still living...), or...picking my favorite song, etc.  Impossible feats should not be asked of people, because, you know, they're impossible.  (And no, now is not the time to bring up that "the word itself says "I'm POSSIBLE!" quote, all optimistic and dewy-eyed, okay?)
I love Ron.  I love Hermione.  I love Daniel Radcliffe's Harry slightly less, not gonna lie, but there you go.  (Although last movie, when he tackles Voldemort? win for the team.)  Snape, OBVIOUSLY.  Dumbledore, Sirius, Luna, Neville, Lupin, Tonks, Fred, George, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Lavender (because, well, she's fantastically ridiculous and has great hair), Lee Jordan, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Seamus (and his pechant for pyrotechnics), Dobby, Kingsley, OBVIOUSLY.  And on and on and on.  Also, both the book and movie version of Dean, but especially the movie version, because oh MY, the boy is beautiful. 
Point being.  It's impossible to choose just one.  (Isn't that a slogan or jingle or something?  Oh yeah, for chips: "It's impossible to eat just one."  Well, WRONG, Lays.  Because the word itself says, "I'm POSSIBLE!"  Cheerful, eh? Also, hey, you know me, fighting childhood obesity one sarcastic blogpost at a time.)
xxx and all that jazz

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's O.K. to make your Ski Playlist a month early...

A good ski playlist is priority, always, no matter what season - you hafta be prepared, man.  You just hafta.
So here's mine, in no particular order.  Just know they're all freaking good (would I decieve you?  would I have bad taste in music?  Oh law, never, darlings. ;))  and that every single one is a perfect ski song.  So here goes, my fellow ski bums/lovers/amies.

*Percussion Gun by White Rabbits.  Found this last year...through Nylon, I think? Friggin great song in general, and a good one to hit the slopes to.
*Reptilia by The Strokes (does this need explaining? Just beware...there's a whoooole lotta my boys The Strokes a comin up.)
*Vision of Division by The Strokes.  This one's angry and sexy and perfect to just...charge. you feel me?
*Heart in a Cage by The Strokes.  Oh freaking ditto.  I LOVE THIS SONG.  And it's a perfect ski song. Like as in I put this one on repeat and just go, freaking go.
*Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes.  This is a really fun powder one.  The catchy hook, the tempo...yeah, The Strokes may not have known it at the time, but they freaking wrote this song for powder days.
*Jump by Simple Plan.  Old school-ish - okay, I'm seventeen, old school for me is mid 2000s!  cut me some slack.  But anyways, music from my angsty junior-high phase that is surprisingly good fun to ski to.
*Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones (not gonna lie, not a huge Rolling Stones fan.  But wait, don't shoot!  This song is sweet.  It's just enough Violent Femmes for me.  Good for sunny day skiing.)
*Help I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix) by Metric (Nylon and RCRDLBL got me hooked on these lovely people.  And this song is free HERE.  So, you know, that's cool.  I love me some Metric for skiing.)
*Woods by The Rosebuds (Nylon, love.)
*Shut Up and Drive by Rihanna.  What, did you think I was some indie machine?  I have a soft spot in my heart for this song, and Rihanna in general, and it's freaking fun to ski to.
*Somewhere Else by Razorlight. (You know how I told you I would never decieve you, never show you bad music? Well, I lied.  If you consider everything -lyrics, music, vocals, etc...this song falls short.  Sample lyrics: "I met a girl, she asked me my name, I told her what it was....I just can't help myself, I really, really wish I could be somewhere else."  No s***, Sherlock. 
But I crazy love the tension and switch at 1:35.  Ohhh, if that's not sexy I don't know what is.  And when I'm skiing at that moment it's like freaking heaven.  And the whole song's good to ski to in general, so PLEASE GET IT, it's sexy. thanks.)
*In the Morning by Razorlight.  This song is extremely sexy as well.  What can I say, the boys have a gift.  The end bit..."are you really gonna do it this time" all layered and desperate - love.  I really do love Razorlight, despite their many flaws. Because at the end of the day...they're sexy British men who know their way around a set of guitars.  Somewhat like almost every other band I love. (With the exception of The Strokes, who are sexy American men who know their way around everything.)
*The Limerick Rake by The Pogues.  At 1:54 when they get all traditional on us - marv.  Also, Limerick is the setting of one of my favorite books, Angela's Ashes.  So, you know, I can be all nerdily happy while hitting the slopes.  Leave me alone.
*Let's Kill Tonight by Panic! At the Disco.  I haven't skiied this one yet but MAN ALIVE am I excited.  Free, go "Search and Destroy" at Nylon. (You'll get the joke after you go there, lazy.)
*Kicking and Screaming by Oh My!  Hilarious girl electro-pop that's gonna be awesome, at all times, in all places, in all conditions. Also free, also Nylon.
*Animal by Neon Trees.  After recovering from Radio Shock (noun: a common virus in which great songs are nearly ruined by being insanely overplayed on the radio.  exceptions: anything Adele.) I realized what a bloody great ski song this is.  So yeah, this one makes me happy.
*Spotlight (Twilight Mix) by Mute Men.  I'm ashamed to have anything Twilight-related on here (have you not got by now that I'm a Harry Potter girl? I'll take genius magic stuff over melodramatic "romance" trash aaaanyday.) but this is a good one to ski.
*Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford and Sons.  Oh, loves, this one's deceptive.  The beginning sounds like nothing you want to ski to.  Pero...hold up.  Oh look, 51 seconds in that banjo kicks into gear...and so does your rear.  Now every day can be a Mumford and Sons day!  (I swear, I'm good.  I should write cat food commercial jingles, or something.)
*Winter Winds by Mumford and Sons.  A) It's quite literally literal.  B) Also fun to hit a broad run with.  Ok, ready set go.
*Electricityscape by The Strokes.  This is too sexy to not be included.  I haven't skiied this one yet but I'm thinking it's good for deep turns, where you're practically lying in the snow, and also for those days where man alive, but you are not happy, and you need a little yearning and skiing to make it all better.
*Good Girls Go Bad (Feat. Leighton Meester) by Cobra Starship.  Don't you dare judge.  This is too freaking genius.  It's freaking crazy fun to ski to.
*Somebody Told Me by The Killers has been on my playlist for AGES.  Cos it's perfect. The end.
*Ize of the World by The Strokes.  Oh, look, here my boys are again.  Maybe it's because they're amazing? 1:54 is probably the single sexiest moment in a song ever.  SO smooth.  Saying that in a really husky voice because it just is.  Did you know that when people hear a favorite song or a favorite part of a song, their brains literally just light up all over the place like a freaking forest of Christmas trees?  Listening to this song, I believe it.  LOVE IT.
*Safari Disco Club by Yelle.  This is a new addition for this season, and I'm excited to ski to this baby.  Also, hey, maybe I can rationalize away prioritizing skiing over homework by making the point to myself that...I am learning French when I listen to Yelle!  French 201, look out!
*Lions in Cages by Wolf Gang.  This got added last year and I am so in love with it. End of story.  Also free, also Nylon.  (Oh, btw, Safari Disco Club is free, free, free, at too.  Cheers!)
*Darling Buds of May by Brother (now Viva Brother, cos some forsaken "Celtic Fusion" band of the same name took offense to Brother using the name Brother.  That's ok, Viva Brother's cooler.)  Ya'll have heard this one, obviously.  I'm thinking it'll be fun to ski to.  So check that out.
*Dum Diddly by Black Eyed Peas.  New addition, and imma eeexcited.
*Always Where I Need To Be by The Kooks.  One of my favorite bands.  This song is just good clean freaking happy fun.
*Brother Sport by Animal Collective.  This song gives me a headache, and it also makes me slightly nauseous (as does the cover, check it:  
but hey ho, if you're going to feel hungover and high and terminally ill all at the same time, this may as well be the way you do it.  (Don't be scared away by my words- it's the best kind of hungover, high, and terminally ill.)  I had an on-and-off relationship with this song last year, before I realized that I need it.  DON'T YOU LOVE THIS?!
*Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys.  Great song, freaking great skiing song.  So inappropriate. So good.
*How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty.  Always a solid ski song. 
*Like a G6 (Feat. Cataracs and Dev) by Far East Movement.  So dumb...and yet So. Much. Fun. This is the epitome of stupid but great.
*Everlasting Light by The Black Keys.  I'm trying this one out for the first time this season...I'm thinking...blazing sun, broad slopes, whisper-thin powder, langorous, deep curves. 
*My Body by Young the Giant.  OH YEAH.  I feel like that's really all I need to say.  Ski to this (okay, yeah, or even just listen to it) and you'll totally get it. And hello-okay, it's FREE.  On, where else?
*Pump It by Black Eyed Peas.  Well, duh. Just duh.
*All Alone by Gorillaz.  Gorillaz is one of those bands that I forget for a bit, rediscover on my computer, and fall in love with all over again.  This song is the definition of excellent. It's making its skiing playlist debut this year so we'll see how that goes.  Well, imma hoping!
*Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall.  Remember my blazing sun, broad slopes, etc. poem up by Everlasting Light?  Same bat time, same bat place, same bat soliloquy. 
*Could It Be You (Punk Rock Chick) by HWood.  Haha...remember that dumb yet fun conversation?  This falls under the same category.  I looove skiing to this sucker.
*Techno Fan (Diplo Remix) by Wombats.  See the sweet music video HERE.  Oh looky, that's on my blog!  This is the remix I told ya'll to check out.  It's free at, go clicky clicky, buy.  This season will be its skiing debut, but I'm confident it'll be, oh, you know, perfect.
*Tighten Up by The Black Keys.  Ditto my earlier ode to these geniuses.  And if that doesn't work out, well, it's important to have The Black Keys on my ski playlist as a matter of principle and also karma.
*Mercy by Matt Nathanson.  First run, I'm excited baby!
*Strange Times by The Black Keys.
*Black Horse & the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall.  Always. Always, always, always.
*Don't to Do by Lissie Trullie.  I don't know why, but I LOVE this song.  Like Brother Sport, I had an  on-and-off relationship with Don't to Do until I realized I just simply couldn't live without it.  This is like MY skiing song.  Yumbo scrumbos.
*Red Lights Indicate Doors Are Secured by Arctic Monkeys.  This song is one of my crazy favorites, and oh baby, this is going to be a heeecka ski song.  Woo freaking hoo, I am CRAAAAAZY excited.
*Kids by MGMT...because it's MGMT.
*We Are Young by 3OH!3.  Oh haaail yes.
*Oh look, it's THE END.  Which is good, because I was just about to throw in the towel.  Annotated bibliography for Writing 150, here I come. 
xxx and alla that jazz

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Free People and Pugs :)

Free People's current homepage combines two of my favorite things - adorable animals and Free People!  I'm serious.  SEE NOW. It's cauuuute and also makes me very excited for Christmas. (Okay, well, that may just be the Christmas music I am listening to ahora.)
xxx and all that jazz

Monday, November 7, 2011


You already knew I wasn't going to manage to do this every single day.  But close enough eh?
Movie I could watch over and over and over again: Definitely not the last one.  I feel like I've gone to twenty funerals in one watching that movie. Probably the sixth...or part one of the seventh.  I actually really love the slower pace of the the first part of The Deathly's kind of indie, ya know? In a very good way.  But yeah, the sixth.  It's got just the right vibe - a mix of the heartbreak and humor of school life...well, yes, okay, that's why!  So many good moments - the party after the big match, McCormack and Hermione, Ron and Lavender (ok, and I'm always her for every costume party ever - easy, and I look a little like her, and I love Ron. Representing.  TANGENT...when Lavender dies - totally not in the book, P freaking S - that was the final straw for me.  OH I'm getting shaky just thinking about the movie coming out on DVD Friday.  But SO crazy excited.), Slughorn's party, OH, Draco being CRAZY SEXY and upset and crap like that...the big game itself, when Aragorn dies and Harry, all high on Felix Felicis, does the little pincers thing (like the one moment where I actually love the movie Harry...), the fact that it's basically about Snape, who I love, and the introduction of Professor Slughorn... and ON AND ON AND ON I GO.  Actually, Imma watch that right now...okay? okay.  And that is the beauty of not having class til 1 every other day.
xxx and all that jazz
- Tabby


New Florence album.  Now you can't beat that with a stick.
Listened to the minute and a half clips and watched the Shake It Out video on soon as I have any money to spend on music, Florence will be mine. Oo-er...haha no, but you understand.  I NEED THAT ALBUM.  It's mind-blowingly good - although, really, did anyone expect any less of Florence? Please go buy Ceremonials, listen to it nonstop, as I'm sure you did with the first one (I got the first one at the beginning of a stormy roadtrip/weekend in Arizona.  Can you say beyond perfect?  NON. STOP.) and tell me all about it!  And if you don't like it, well, of course, I don't want to hear it.  Just kidding, I always love hearing from you people!  No, I'm just kidding again, really, if you don't have anything nice to say about Florence (or if you have anything bad at all to say about her), DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. 
xxx and all that jazz!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Know That You Like My Style...

Yeah, the Black Eyed Peas reference was entirely necessary.
I'm strangely in crazy love with this outfit. Olympia Le-Tan embroidered bag,
unbelievable Pirates-esque shirtdress...this outfit has got er'thang going for it.

Wow, I love GAP.

Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson acknowledging the creepiness of the (nonetheless fantastic) song "Baby, It's Cold Outside".  (Watching this made me crazy happy, as just the other day my roomate and I were laughing at "Say, what's in this drink?" and "no cabs to be had out there...")
And in another win for GAP: Patrick Wilson (SOOOO Gorgeous. OH.) and the beautiful, fantastic Claire Danes (hello, personal idol.  Also...she's married to Hugh Dancy.  She is a lucky freaking woman.)  Their greatness aside, this commercial is just what I would call cute.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge? Yes please.

Oh yes. I'm really going to do this.  Even if there's lots of days between, you know Day 1 and Day 2, etc...I'll at least keep them in some semblance of order, if not punctuality.
As for now...Day 1. 
My favorite book? Which I can read over and over and over?  Well, obviously, all of them.  But I'm going to have to say...Probably The Goblet of Fire.  They're all incredible, and they're all my favorite, and I could probably read just Harry Potter books my whole life and be happy, but there's something I crazy love about the abundance of details about the wizarding world - The Triwizard Tournament, The World Quidditch Cup, Portkeys, Hogwart's Yule Ball, the house-elves, the list goes on!  The books begin to get their darker tone here, but oh, I love it.  (And number six.  Oh, and number seven.  And number one, and two, and three, and five...ya, darlings, you get the drift.)
Day 1: Your favorite book that you can read over and over
Day 2: A movie that you’ll never get sick of watching
Day 3: Your favorite character
Day 4: Your favorite pairing (
canon or non-canon)
Day 5: A scene that makes you really happy
Day 6: A character you will take your pants off for anytime they ask ;)
Day 7: Your favorite villain
Day 8: A minor character that you love
Day 9: The most badass character
Day 10: A character you relate most to
Day 11: Your favorite scene from your favorite book/movie
Day 12: One part that always makes you cry
Day 13: Your favorite quote
Day 14: A character in the movies who is closest to how you picture them in the books
Day 15: A character you wish was real
Day 16: Your favorite Marauder, Death Eater, or OotP member
Day 17: A character you would like to spend one day with
Day 18: A character you just want to kick in the face
Day 19: A part in the books/movies that makes you angry
Day 20: A character you would play if you were in the movies
Day 21: Your favorite character out of the trio
Day 22: A scene that you love to watch
Day 23: Something that you wish was in the movies but isn’t
Day 24: A character who died and you wish they hadn’t
Day 25: Three characters you would want to be best friends with
Day 26: Your favorite friendship
Day 27: Your favorite trio moment
Day 28: A scene you can’t wait to watch in Part 2
Day 29: A gif of how you feel about Part 2 coming out
Day 30: What you love about Harry Potter

Sunday, October 30, 2011

SNL win.

hahahahahaha. this should not be funny. But it so so SO is.  win.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

J'aime beaucoup les animaux.

Oooh, I am such a sucker for animal videos. Which is probably normal, actually, come to think of it, when you have two dogs and two cats at home and seven illegal goldfish at your apartment. This video is adorable though, I want to tear up a little when I watch it.  Yes, seriously. It's cute, you haters. 
Nah, I know you love it too!
xxx and all that jazz,

Oh and there's a children's book about them.  Buying? For children I'll have in like a million years? Yes please.  And, ya know, I might read it too.  Because childrens' books are cool like that.  See David Wiesner's Flotsam.  Ooh, look, I even made the link to buying it all clicky.  That's how much you should buy it. (One day I'll post pictures of the fantastic, inventive illustrations - don't let me forget now, ya hear?)

Go visit our favorite blogger...The ManRepeller!

I know, I know, ya'll want to know if I ever have any ideas of my own.  The answer is no, I just like to spew The ManRepeller's words like gospel coming from the mouth of a semi-intelligent parrot.  Don't mind me, it's been a long week.  But hey, if the shoe fits, quote it and link to it every five seconds in your blog.  (See, look!  Wisdom of my own.)
xxx and all that jazz
CLICK HERE or regret it always. (Imma SERIOUS.) (kinda.)

garance dore.

This is not the first time I'll post a brazilian of her insanely chic illustrations, but hey ho, it's the first at least!

not her, but sweeeet.

ok, not her...again. but cool.

Soooooo many.  But soooo good!