Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, John & Sherlock.

...don't you adore them?

I'm desperately in love with BBC's Sherlock.
It's so perfect. 
Best Sherlock and John in the world? Obviously.
And in case you're from Planet Sad and you're like, Benedict Cumberbatch? Martin Freeman? The first sounds like Mr. Sex himself (sorry Moriarty; you're brilliant though), and Martin Freeman sounds like an insanely lovely human being, but...sorry, who? Well, then, watch four and a half hours worth of Sherlock on and CATCH THE FREAK UP.
Oh my loves. If I could watch nothing else but Sherlock...well, it's worth giving up Parks & Rec for this. (Apologies to Amy Poehler -you do understand, don't you?)
Please watch it. It's so lovely. So lovely.
Now I'm going to go watch the forty-seven minute Q&A with the stars of the show, okay? And cry about last night's episode, okay? And pretend this isn't an obsession...okay?

Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY & Dali

More fab do-it-yourself-ities.
Embroidered or acrylic painted or whatever on a shirt? Yes, please, thanks.

This too.

Ohhh...I dig mustaches. I mean whaaat?
This, on a t-shirt? oh yeah.

so I'm not as brave/adventurous/whatevs as our fave Australian at A Pair and a Spare but toned down a bit, starting a bit lower, etc. - sooo doable. Adore it. Because my style is definitely a daily uniform type thing - softy tee shirt, black skinny jeans, some version of flats or moccasins or combat boots - , and it becomes aaaall about the accesories!
Virginie Peny is French, and now lives in Switzerland, and is a DIY genius, and therefore we love her. This headband is an old pair of tights - pretty easy to figure out how to cut that one! - and an old brooch.  Use that or clip on earrings and voila, you've got a easy, chic, totally personalized headband to give that top bun personality. Lovely.
Also check her out - rocking a pajama top like no biggie. Love it.

Been wild for neon sole oxfords since the minute there was even a whisper about them - they're so great. so great. this is a neon sole chukka, obvs, but you can go crazy and do em with just about anything! and so easy. so easy.
oh ye gods.
oh man oh man oh man oh man. do you see that?
do you even see that?
studs...with teddy bears. I'm in love. I'm in heaven. I'm in nirvana. I'm in ecstasy. Something.
I've got to go find teddy bear studs RIGHT NOW.(well, no, I'm lazy, so later.) BUT SOON.
 How tongue-in-cheek is this? So. I love it. I love it. Because, frankly, grab a black clutch from anywhere (local Forever XXI, anyone?), mebs do some stitching to simulate a quilted look, add regular and teddy bear studs and basically you can consider life complete and die after that.
I. love. Virginie. Peny.
finger paint polka dots. that is all.

go make stuff, my lovelies!

In other news...Barnes & Noble will be the death of me. It's just so bloody lovely and I can't help myself. (Here's to my future bookshop customers saying the same, eh?) Bought one of those little independent publications called RUSSH, which looks absolutely lovely, (although it is very difficult to not make a joke about the apparent need to add an extra S to a perfectly decent word), and I'm vair excited to cut it up and collage.  (Oh, lord, I will never have the stomach to work at a magazine.  Because I'll know there are people like me out there who read through it once, save their favorite parts, and cut all their other favorite parts up and Mod Podge them on boxes and bookshelves and random boards and bags they find.)
Just looked it up and turns out it was the December/January edition. That is the price you pay for living in the US, and what's more, Utah, where we have no random publications comme ├ža.

Also bought a bargain book about Dali, who is so much more genius than you ever knew (and I have all these positive Adrien Brody associations with him now, thank you Woody Allen) (and speaking of Adrien Brody, I've seen the Pianist twice now in the last week and it is incredible.).
(yes. that was my "funny" quote from the movie. Well done, eh?)

The Girl of Ampurdan

The Old Age of William Tell
Partial Hallucination.  Six Apparations of Lenin on a Grand Piano

Homage to Millet

Gala and Salvador Dali, Cecil Beaton, 1935.
and I love this.
And two more (that I love) (a lot) for the road...

Dali's Hand Drawing Back the Golden Fleece in the Form of a Cloud to Show Gala the Dawn, Completely Nude, Very, Very Far Away Behind the Sun

The Temptation of St. Anthony

So yeesh. Where was I with this post?
Bought a book called I Am an Executioner: Love Stories by Rajesh Parameswaran, and it looks oh so VERY lovely. Rave reviews, intriguing title, cover, premise...I'll tell you how it goes, loves.
Oh, and I want to turn this review into a song so badly:
"Wonderful stories - like small, deft carnivals entering our desert cities and cranky towns..." (Charlie Smith). 

And last but not least, Diane Kruger wore this Giambattista Valli gown to Cannes.

So she's cool. Like you needed me to tell you that. Even the ever-so-illustrious "Wonderwall" got it right: "All right, Diane Kruger. We get it. You're perfection personified. You make librarian buns look hot. You have adorable cuddle-bunnies with Pacey. And you've single-handedly elevated seafoam-green from bridesmaid purgatory to red-carpet glory."
Well done, woman!

xxx cheres

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do It Yourself, Lazy.

So...stuff I have to make SOON. Especially before London, that's for sure. I want to tote these suckers around in my luggage and on my body!
Because they're awesome/mad/genius.
And doable even for the very challenged.
You know, clearly not me, but I like to post things like this for you, dear readers, because I'm just a generous, thoughtful person like that.
It couldn't possibly be that I'm painfully craft challenged.

aaand more, but Blogger is having a cardiac.
so mas manana!
I love you children!
Bon nuit and all that jazz

Niki & the Dove.

niki & the dove.
aha yes.
great stuff!