Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Mixtape

Oh boy.  Not to go all Palin on you, but OH BOY.
Nylon's December Mixtape is ACE.  And free.  So...sorry, how can anyone complain now, ever?
And this is why we love Nylon, children.  And don't forget that excellent Josh Madden and Troublemaker re-mix of a few months ago. Here, lemme see if I can find a link to that...
in the meantime:
December 2011 Mixtape by NYLONmag
Oh! And here's Josh Madden x Troublemaker's Veronica Sawyer.  Clicky, clicky, download.
And just search Josh Madden and Troublemaker on and there's a couple other groovy mixes on there.  I'll let you find em, it's good exercise, right?
And now, my loves, my last day of studying.  And last day of being sick.  And tomorrow...first day of skiing. Para mi. Excited? Yes, thank you.
xxx and all that jazz

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  1. Okay I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! It's super good! I've never heard of them!