Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dude. Polyvore is hot stuff, right there.

Polyvore biiiiiiinge.  I basically spent hours tonight cloning shots of Emma Watson, adding color, and adding quotes from books I luurve.  Put on Pintrest, repeat.  And now it's midnight and I have yet to shower.  And I have to get up at seven thirty tomorrow.  Which, yeah, it could be worse, but I'm still going to complain.

okay, and yeah, I know the first one's not Emma Watson.  I think you'll recover.

Alice & the Cheshire Cat.
From Alice in Wonderland, obviously.

From Favorite Book #2 (these are, my darlings, in no particular order)
The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty
Emily's letter to Charlie
Oh, and any faux-hipster worth their salt knows this one: (500) Days of Summer.
Is it cheating that it's not a book? Eh.  (Oh wait.  Actually.  It is, isn't it?  I just thought of that. Never mind.  Criteria met.)
(And as for the faux-hipster IS a good movie though.  Not amazing, but whatever.)
Favorite Book #3
The King in the Window
by Adam Gopnik
which is a tale about a boy in Paris who finds himself king of these window people things and fights a war against an evil mirror guy...okay, yeah.
It's lovely though.

Favorite Book #4:
The Secret Garden.
I'm really kind of in love with this set.
Is it because she kind of looks like a Russian babushka except with great cheekbones? 
yeah, probably.  Also it's kind of sixties.  Or do I mean fifties? which is groovy and all.

oh and my favorite.
From Favorite Book #2, The Year of Secret Assignments.
Another letter to Charlie from Emily.
It makes more sense and is funnier with context, but it's still pretty great even without, I think.
Oh, and here's something musically inclined because that's how we roll.
A music video!  V groovy song,, what gorgeous eyes you have, Gotye.  All the better to seduce you with, my dear.
(Can I have him?  Er...please?)

Well it's late, darlings, and I'd like to go to sleep before one. 
So sorry for my photos being so far apart - I have no idea why, but it's late and I'm not keen on fixing it.

xxx and all that jazz,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

So yeah...

You had to know Midnight in Paris girl was going to show up here again, didn't you?
So here she is!  The lovely French Lea Seydoux, who I have a mega girl crush on.  Pictures and such...for being all jealous and "gosh I'd like to be this fab French model-actress all-around groovy girl with awesome hair." "and awesome clothes." "who can also rock lipstick like she was born to do so."  Oh wait, I already said she was French, so saying she was born to rock red lipstick was redundant.  Sorry there.  (Also my keyboard is adamant that there be no "r"s in my post, so "sorry there" was nearly "soy thee".  Which makes WORLDS of sense.)
Okay, yeah, well, it's late and I'm getting up at six-fifteen tomorow.  On a Saturday.  Which is very very very close to being not just a misdemeanor - misdemeano - but a felony. 
But it's for The Sundance Film Festival.  Which, you know, felonies are okay if one can potentially see film stars.  Also said felonies must be committed when they're because one's realllly exceptionally groovy best friend (fiend) bought tickets as a really marvy birthday surprise
Okay so. Pictures and then bed!

Moral of the story (Don't you know that there's ALWAYS a moral???):
Be French.
Or at least get ahold of that fantastic red lipstick.

Bonne nuit, mes amies!
xxx and all that jazz,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Aw, New Additions to the Family!

Awww...there's a new addition to the family!  Or two, or three.  Congrats!  Oh sorry, no, it's not children, but music.  GROOVY. Music.
Ski Playlist Revisions:
* Hypno Switch by The Black Rabbits is just straight up, groovy, playful fun.  A freaking party to ski to. 
* You Only Live Once by The Strokes (which, hey ho, I got their Magna logo shirt for Christmas.  Cheers eh?)  is just nice.  Mmm.
* Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men (iTunes' current free single!) is SO much fun, and freaking good to boot.  That rousing chorus bit?  I'm sold. And a nice, upbeat, joyful song to ski to, non?
* La Roux's Bulletproof - always a classic.
*Ellie Goulding's Lights - welllll done, Miz Goulding.  What a lovely ski song.
* The Black Key's Lonely Boy - how good is their new album?  Insanely so.
& ... *Alfie, by Lily Allen.  Because I will never turn down a good ska song about little brothers doing drugs.  Or something like that.  By which I mean...if it's Lily, I'll take it.  In fact...I listened to her song called "Nan, You're A Window Shopper".  Are you beginning to understand the level of love and devotion I have for Lily Allen's amusing, upbeat, catchy tunes?  But can you really resist these lyrics? "Now how the hell do you expect that you'll ever get laid when all you do is stay inside and play your computer games?  Now, there's no need to swear, please don't despair, my dear mon frere -Oh little brother, please refrain from doing that, I'm trying to help you out, so stop being a twat"  You can't, that's how.  And that's the gospel truth.
Hope your Christmas was marvelous and your New Year's crazy go have an insane ski season, OKAY?!
xxx and all that jazz
your favorite skiing maniac,

Going to watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie!  Beat that, suckers!
(Note: That was a rhetorical challenge.  You can't beat that.  Truth.)
AND The Strokes' Heart In a Cage just came on.  I'd say this is a successful evening.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

midnight in paris.

What an insanely lovely film this is.  Is it perfect?  Ah, non. l'adore.  Beaucoup.  It's a marvelous film and I want you all to go watch it NOW.  Si vous m'aimez, non?  I am painfully and madly in love with 20s Paris now...well done, Woody Allen.
And the performances...are they not tres beaux?  I am, of course, partial to Adrien Brody as Salvador Dali, ("The rhinoceros make love, by mounting the female, but, here’s the difference, in the beauty between two rhinoceros-es.”) but, you know...they're all absolutely lovely.  Marion Cotillard!  What a lovely actress.  And oh, Alison Pill just shows up everywhere and does fab - she and Tom Hiddleston are marvelous as the Fitzgeralds.  Stoll as  Blow me away.  Kathy Bates as a very true-to-character Gertrude Stein, Michael Sheen as "the pedantic gentleman", Rachel McAdams as...well, a witch, if you'll pardon my French.  And of course, Lea Seydoux as Gabrielle.  I know she only has like, what, a few minutes in the film?  But she's so French, and so very classic, and I love it. I have never been so envious of someone's innate grace, absolute charm, and almost ethereal beauty.  As Monica Perry at the blog Get Addicted says, "Don't get me wrong. Marion Cotillard is a beauty. But I remember leaving the theater thinking: Who's that girl?"  How right on is that?
And Owen Wilson as Gil is just perfect. 
Oh, mes amies, mes cheres, you must watch this delightful little movie.
Okay, thanks.