Monday, December 31, 2012

An overwhelming narrative.

Style Resolutions X Liberty of London

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A few things.

A few things.

First, if you happen to be in London, go see Nick Payne's play, Constellations. It's really beautiful. A fair warning, though - if you don't like awesome things, you won't be into this.

Second, go see Silver Linings Playbook. The above warning must be applied.

Third, read this. It's from a list of 15 things that will happen to you in your twenties, but I just like it a lot. Credit Thought Catalog (clicky clicky. you'll like it.)

"You’ll read a book that will change your life. People say that all the time, especially your grandma and your mom and your professors in college, and it always made you roll your eyes but now you get it. Life is changed. You are this book’s bitch. You fell in love with it in the same way you fell in love with someone in high school: blindly and all-consuming. I’m talking about the book that became the lens from which you chose to see the world. You were just waiting for something to come along and explain to you how the world works, to make it all easier for you. and it came. You will remember this book more vividly than some of the people you dated for three months in college."

Fourth, read this too. It's pretty groovy.

"Captive Greece took her savage victor captive, and brought the arts into rustic Latium." Horace, Epistles II. 1. 156. #waywithwords much?

And that's all, folks.