Sunday, August 19, 2012

London and Latcho Drom,

Never mind the Superhigh Video, Superfast Jellyfish is awesome. Gorillaz are so excellent.

And so British, which is a very natural transition to our next topic: London!
Look, Paris got a whole Wednesday post devoted to it, so it stands to reason that London should get a lazy Sunday one, too.
Looondon.  Mmm, okay. I'm so excited. Obviously. I'd be a fool to not be.
Oh, I got sidetracked scrolling through my favorites to my London folder. So - Latcho Drom. Latcho Drom is this absolutely insanely gorgeous movie about, well, gypsies, basically. RottenTomatoes describes it as "The journey of the Romany people told through musicians and dancers of India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain."  This is an apt description...but it's just so much more colorful and expansive and really incredibly beautiful than that. Anyways, watch it. And until then watch this clip, and this other (fantastic) one, and then have a look-see at all these pictures of the ever groovy London.

The Enter button? What? Never heard of it.

Sans further adieu...London!

Hyde Park! Where I'll be living across the street from. Oh lucky days.

Neal's Yard! V. excited to visit it. Doesn't it look so great, almost garishly bright, so tall and rained on? I'm not being sarcastic...I dig this. Vair excited.

Hyde Park! Again! Lots of exclamation marks!

I'm going!
I'm going to explode. Ex...plode.
So. Ridiculously. Exciting. Oiiii.

Oh, and here's Emma Watson for the record, looking fabulous. She's a doll. Also so hot, also we totally love her. Oh, sorry, is my girl crush showing? Also British, which is how the freak we're going to tie that in. Picture from The NYTimes.

xxx and all that jazz darlings,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart

D'ya'll know what today is?
Yeah, d'ya'll.
Well, besides being Ben Affleck's fortieth...(thank yooou, Crushable.) (That link was to a very funny, very true article about his sexiness and adorableness. Well done as usual, Crushable.)
It's an anniversary...of a sort. It's like a reverse anniversary! A count-down milestone.
In a month from today, I will be in Paris. IN. PARIS. Not understanding a word, despite eight years of on-and-off French lessons and French 102 and 201 freshman year. Desperately jet-lagged. Probably with swollen feet from my flight.      
Thinking "Je t'adore, je t'adore, je t'adore!" because that is all the French I will retain.
I've been waiting to go since I got accepted in, what, January? So you understand that being in the inimitable Paris in a month is a big freaking deal.
In honor of this lovely of Paris! Consider this the first post in a series of "Look, I'm going here, and here, and here, and I'm freaking excited, because I've dreamed about this since I was like ten, so I WILL brag, thanks, but oh, LOOK AT IT ALL!"
Oh, aren't you excited.
At least it's not those Take Away Shows in Paris, eh? You've been force-fed quite enough of those. But cheer up, dolls! It's Paris! As Anastasia's grandmother said, in the "no, no, no, I'm quite sure Anastasia lived in real life and married Dmitri, who, yes, was voiced by John Cusack in real life as well" version of reality: " Paris."
Not like I'll actually be "together" with anyone whilst in Paris (Camille LaCourt? Are you reading this?) but hey, ho, it's Anastasia, and if Paris is mentioned in it, then that's plenty of reason to use said quote.
But to be more relevant, and still Anastasia-centric (because, I mean, come on! Dmitri! Pooka! "Be grateful, Anya!"!):

Paris holds the key to your heart.

And as fireworks explode over the Eiffel Tower, animated French crowds cheer "Ooh la la, Ooh la la, Ooh la la!"
Also who wants Anastasia's Chanel (!!!) dress? Everyone? Right-o.

And now I'm sad again that Anastasia isn't Disney, and therefore a Disney princess.

Aaanyways! After that completely necessary and fantastic tangent, pictures! (Although can you beat Josephine Baker striding down the street with a jaguar? No, you can't.)

 Paris, darling, you look so hipster, and I love you.

Edgar Allan Poe graffiti in Paris. Just in case you weren't totally convinced it's completely and ridiculously awesome there.

This image courtesy of the fantastic Paris vs. NYC blog, run by an excellent graphic designer who loves both.

 Oooh, exciting, a picture where I can actually give credit where credit is due. The rest of these pictures are the result of haphazard GoogleImaging and whatever pictures I drug up from my massive "Travel" folder.  But this, this is Solange Knowles, could you tell? And this awesome picture is from Her Damn Blog.
(No...I mean...her blog is called  I would not call her blog a damn blog. It is an excellent, totally envy-inducing blog. The end.)

 And I do think this is from The Sartorialist.

 Oh and 11:11...make a wish? Listen to Regina Spektor's thus-titled album? Me, I'm totally wishing for that woman's dress. Just look at it. Fabulous doesn't begin to describe it.

 As you may be able to tell...I am getting excited by the plethora of French images in my folder. This is clearly not Paris. But it's cute...therefore, alright? But, hey, you knew about my short attention span when you got into this.

 Well, okay, this isn't either.
 And I'm not entirely sure this is. But you forgive me.

The inside of the absolutely insane Palais Garnier.
The outside by day.

The outside by night.
And, true story, when I GoogleImaged "Palais Garnier night" a picture of Anastasia was ON THE TOP ROW of results. So there. Paris and Anastasia go together like two matchy things.
But this picture. I die. Absolute #travelporn.
Also I'm stuck using hashtags, I want to bloody use them when I talk, for goodness' sake.  #Instagram is #takingovermylife. #takingovermylife is a real hashtag. What does that prove? That #Instagram is an EPIDEMIC and HARD CORE ADDICTION wrapped in one nice hipster package.
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause it's gettin eeeeveryone out there.

Credit to KTaterPhotography, obvs. Come on, guys. It's elementary. #elementarymydearwatson. #yesthatsarealhashtagthankgoodness. #andnothatonewasnot.

as for credit for this photo, go ahead, decipher that annoying watermark. Gold star.

And we end on the insane and fantastic Sacre Coeur.

xxx and all that jazz mes petites amies!
Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve, Tabby.