Sunday, July 29, 2012

I See London, I See France...In Less Than Two Months - Celebration Dance!

Excitement = Lunacy = Bad Poetry. (See title.)
I am going absolutely mad
Paris in just a month and a half, and London after that...FANTASTIC.
And I get the feeling that I should be starting on my summer reading instead of doing this, that, and the other thing. But Henry V versus sketching and reading about Han van Meegeren, one of the biggest art cons in history? That's a hard one, non?
Um. Non.
Anyways. I thought I'd post some pictures that will inspire me, wardrobe-wise, on my semester abroad. A little bit classic, a little bit grunge, a little bit cutesy, a little bit global, frankly, a LOT comfortable. (Any and all heels in the pictures? Make them worn-out combat boots, will you, there, that's more like it.) And some that will inspire my sensibilities whilst on this fab Tour Europa as well. And will hopefully inspire you as well.  As the French would say...although perhaps (certainly) not as pretentiously: Voila!

(Oh, and I have no idea where these are from, my loves. If you know any of them, please comment. I'd love to give these lovely images the proper credit!)
Kill me. Simple, yet...fantastic. (That jacket and hat. You know you're in love. And those shoes and sunnies make it perfect, as you well know.)

Mint green + smart collar + patent brogues + polka dot tights jacket =
EXCELLENT.  So easy to do, and so dang fiercely adorable.

You may recognize a little Jason Wu for Target.  You should, at any rate. Tres adorbs, non? And tres simple, and tres I-Am-So-There-It's-Insane. (Unusually literal bow

 I do sometimes like to pretend I'm a bada**.  Never mind that I can't even type the word. Nevertheless, I am feverish for those reptilian booties over yonder. 
Bangs like that will have their day on my face, I swear.
(If you understood that, you're a rock star. Groove on, as we like to say.)

Brilliant. That is all.

 Smoking is honestly so disgusting. No thanks. But the cheeky sensibility of the rest of it - and that EYELINER - rocks.
Well, okay, this is for Jim Sturgess. Some kind of karma thing - "If I use a picture with Jim Sturgess in it in my London post, I will snag a Jim-Sturgess-esque man wnilst in London." Right?..Right?
Karma works in craaaaazy ways.  You never know, kids, you never know.
(Also, Anne's boots. And hair. And jacket dress bag all that thing.)

Cuuute. Although the sunshiney one looks bored to bits by it.  But I dig her rosy locks, so I say, Sunshiney Girl, cheer up eh?

This is how I will look always if at all possible. Perfectly flippy skirt, black heathery thigh-highs, great floppy hat, lovely hair, makeup, all that, basic shirt with cool details (Is that a leather panel I spy?), waspishly chic gloves (Why waspishly? I don't know. They just are.), and most wonderfully...a loose-knit mustard scarf. I don't know why, but the color mustard plus a nice open knit is perilously close to the top of my "bloody freaking brilliant" list.
So on that note, if you ever find a good mustard knit jumper...comment, e-mail, harass me like crazy, because odds are I want it like mad.

Big scarves and those SHOES.

Tres classic, non? And I love the oddly chic sweatpantish cut of those pants.

Yeah, I don't know who this girl is or what she does, but I will figure it out, and I will buy those glasses, and I will look like that. Too cool for words -mine, at least.

o LE. Grungy, classic, cutesy, global (erm, okay, probably.  At any rate, if she's from Stockholm, as the picture credit suggests, that's global enough for me), COMFORTABLE. And super polished. And I need red lipstick before I go. Love this look. Also her perfectly rolled-up sleeves. And frankly I could go on and on, and frankly I have (undone hair, simple makeup, bleached wash!), but frankly I should stop. But I know you love it, too.

Cuuute. What's not to love? I'll tell you: Nothing. This is first-class adorable.

 Charlotte Taylor is too magical.  Her prints kill me. Get a load of that.
(Also these pictures say to me: "Wear my fantastic clothes and prints and you will not only look stellar but also maybe have a really adorable Harry-Potter-chic owl."  That is a marketing message I can get behind.)
Moral of the story: Her braid.

A good-old-fashioned Croydon facelift with strong eyes? Er, yes. Always.

Well this one doesn't even need a remark. does.  Who knew popped collars could so nicely elevate every- and anything? Fashionistas are taking it back from jocks in Abercrombie & Fitch, and not a moment too soon.

 And...beyond every single other amazing detail - these clothes are so ridiculously gorgeous, and I need to see Diane Kruger or Emma Watson rock the suit on the left on the red carpet - the hair. That is pretty much all I can emulate, budget-wise, but I'll keep these in my heart forever.
And that was said more or less sincerely.
I can actually say I have this. And mama, I will try my best to rock it.

Leather pants for the win. I need me some.

If I can find stuff half as cool as these at the markets, I will be tres heureuse. Tres, tres, TRES.


We are obsessed, aren't we?
And everything about this look. Marvelous, absolutely marvelous, darling.

Adorable. Insanely comfy. And this, I can do.

 Essentially...the braid girl rocks.

And we love all things purple.
That's all, folks!
Have a marvy Sunday and read a little bit and maybe do some crafts and music and then watch Inspector Lewis at nine, mmmkay? Cause all of the above will make you haaappy.
Oh AND! Remember how once upon a time I showed you some illustrations Henry Clarke did for some Edgar Allan Poe stories? I just bought a complete set of Poe with Clarke's illustrations. Barnes & Noble, you may be The Man when I have my baby bookstore one day, but for now, I can honestly say I love you, I love you, I love you.
xxx and all that jazz,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspiration Nation

Because it's another day where I've found cool stuff but can't really be bothered to write stuff about it? It's too bloody hot.
All pictures either The Civil Wars' Tour Diary, Bullett, Pintrest, AnOther Mag. Look at me, crediting pictures. I need to get on that, eh?

Love. Them.

Love. This.

Best Tinkerbell ever, much?

Jennnnifer Lawrence. Love this.

                                                             Lea Seydoux is so lovely.

Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Princess Di. Obviously.

And in other news, I just saw The Dark Knight Rises. Yes yes yes YES.
Also I love Joseph Gordon Levitt.  I forget sometimes. Forgive me.

xxx and all that jazz,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tilda Swinton, you GODDESS.

Can we talk about how Tilda Swinton almost single-handedly redefines beauty?
She's an absolute goddess.
That fierce androgynous style, that incredi-hair, that impeccable acting.
Tilda Swinton, you rock.
Ici...photographic proof.
Love Tilda. Love Pringle of Scotland. They love each other. Life is so lovely.

Do you see her? Tilda Swinton. That striking blonde on the left. The one who's everything you've ever wanted to be and ever will.

xxx and all that jazz,