Sunday, October 30, 2011

SNL win.

hahahahahaha. this should not be funny. But it so so SO is.  win.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

J'aime beaucoup les animaux.

Oooh, I am such a sucker for animal videos. Which is probably normal, actually, come to think of it, when you have two dogs and two cats at home and seven illegal goldfish at your apartment. This video is adorable though, I want to tear up a little when I watch it.  Yes, seriously. It's cute, you haters. 
Nah, I know you love it too!
xxx and all that jazz,

Oh and there's a children's book about them.  Buying? For children I'll have in like a million years? Yes please.  And, ya know, I might read it too.  Because childrens' books are cool like that.  See David Wiesner's Flotsam.  Ooh, look, I even made the link to buying it all clicky.  That's how much you should buy it. (One day I'll post pictures of the fantastic, inventive illustrations - don't let me forget now, ya hear?)

Go visit our favorite blogger...The ManRepeller!

I know, I know, ya'll want to know if I ever have any ideas of my own.  The answer is no, I just like to spew The ManRepeller's words like gospel coming from the mouth of a semi-intelligent parrot.  Don't mind me, it's been a long week.  But hey, if the shoe fits, quote it and link to it every five seconds in your blog.  (See, look!  Wisdom of my own.)
xxx and all that jazz
CLICK HERE or regret it always. (Imma SERIOUS.) (kinda.)

garance dore.

This is not the first time I'll post a brazilian of her insanely chic illustrations, but hey ho, it's the first at least!

not her, but sweeeet.

ok, not her...again. but cool.

Soooooo many.  But soooo good!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BTS: Behind the 'Stache

Watch and envy and enjoy.  And then go out there and DIY yourself a moustache necklace.  In the immortal words of ManRepeller:  Unleash your inner genitals.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jackson Pollock. YES.

I LOVE Emma Watson.

Emma Watson in ELLE and French ELLE.  Love her very much.  Would like to be her very much. (Ok, well, I like being me.)  But even so.  And between her and my c r a z y chic cousin who has a) the best emma-ish hair and b) actually looks a lot like her, I want to cut my hair like MAD.  Probably a bad idea, but oh.  Love it.  Also - going to buy eyeliner tomorrow.  How I don't own any yet blows my mind - how am I supposed to pull an Emma without eyeliner?! 
Not possible.  Only Emma Watson could do that.
(Haha yeah...obsessed?  A little.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cole Haan.

gosh, I love these.  from the minute I saw them in nordies I fell in love. Felt and leather is soo gorgeous, especially when it's crisp gray felt and gorgeous deep leather like this.  The picture does them absolutely NO justice - they're insanely beautiful. They're also $400, which means I won't be debuing them on this blog any time soon (or ever) alive, can I appreciate them.  And in Googling this picture, I realized Cole Haan has a million other pairs of absolutely fantastic shoes.  I think I'm in love.

Pretty Powerful.

Goaaaal!  This is a total win for Leandra, The ManRepeller, and Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Campaign.  Super cute and now we know how to walk like a model.  Huzzah!  Three cheers for Merry England and the MakeupGuru/ManRepeller/Supermodel triumvirate.  (That is a good word.  If you ever manage to make that in Scrabble, COMMENT.  I want to know how the bleep you managed it.)
xxx and all that jazz, Tabby

Bobbi Brown - Pretty Powerful

Now this is a campaign I can get behind.  I love Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful message -
Be Pretty.  Be Confident.  Be Who You Are.
Cute eh?  So I signed up - usually I hate this sort of thing, like all these women saying why THEY should win.  And then does that make one person more beautiful, or interesting, or important than another? You know?  But I love Bobbi Brown's message in this campaign and, hello, a chance to win $500 dollars worth of Bobbi Brown's fantastic makeup! 
Please go and vote for me!  And enter yourselves, you beautiful people, and comment on this post so I can go and return the favor! :)
xxx and all that jazz

Oh My Liberty.

It would take a superhuman effort to not lust over these, and I just do not have that in me.
OH MY GOSH. The Liberty of London for Nike 2011 Fall Capsule Collection makes me want to just die.  One day I'll get my hands on a pair of these, and I think it's fair to say that from that point on I will just be ineffably chic.  Because I don't know how you could wear these and not be.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Man. Repeller.

this is an urgent visit The Man Repeller often.  Like taking your vitamins once a day, only better.  Check out Leandra's blog NOW.  (Yeah, we're on first name terms.  Okay, no we're not.  But hey, a blogger can dream, right? I mean...friends with The Man Repeller?  Holy wardrobe.)
xxx...and all that jazz.

ps....i mean it. Oh, and check out those sweet Thakoon shoes. 
You can't beat that with a stick.
Photo: ManRepeller (That how you cite things in the blogosphere?)

Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Love.

Sorry. I tried to embed this, I really did!  But click HERE.  This is greater than a chocolate malt. (Which is pretttty high up there.)
A bank heist featuring these two, her music, and sweet dance moves? sign me up.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Never Knew I Was a Techno Fan Either, Wombats.

The Wombats 'Techno Fan' from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

The Wombats - 'Techno Fan'.  This video is sick.  Watch it. Oh, and check out the Diplo Remix HERE.    Now that's just plain fantastic.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do It Yourself, Lazy.

I'm also quite literally DIYing (he he) over this website. I may have completely neglected my homework for a few hours but I have a brazilian chic DIY ideas.

The inspiration:

ET VOILA.  You can't beat that with a stick.

  Now go neglect stuff! (But don't tell your parents I told you that.  In fact, parents aside, don't tell my professors about our little procrastinee party here. ;))  Enjoy mes amies!

Man, that's an attractive skirt.

I am quite literally dying over this Gryphon miniskirt.  I'll never have the money or the legs or actually really even the inclination to do anything but just drool over it, but I wish I had a model friend or something who could wear it when we went out and I could be like, "Yeah.  I'm the girl who's friends with the girl with the Gryphon miniskirt." Because that's the next best thing to wearing that fantastic thing.

100 Years of Fashion in East London

And this is why I'm doing next winter semester in London.

Nuff said.

So many videos...

Haha yeah, I've posted like a brazillion videos recently, but this is pure gold!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I love Anderson Cooper.

Pardon.  Does Pastor Jeffress even know what he's talking about?  'Cause he sure doesn't sound like it.  Haha and I love Anderson Cooper.  "Well I don't mind putting them to sleep as long as we educate them."

Oh AND.  A friend of mine just put this link on Facebook - vair relevant, ya?  Clicky, Clicky.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alright. I've joined Team Taylor Swift.

Hahaha WIN.  This is pretty dang hilarious.  I've always thought she was a bit of a (talented) whiner, but this makes me like her infinitely more!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Even eating oatmeal becomes groovy when you're on!

Free People October from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Ok, cute.  The model's adorable, her hair is beyond, I love the song, and, well, clearly the clothes are as fashionable as two fashionable things on a Chanel runway.  (Fashionable things = models, cool bloggers (ahem) like the Man Repeller, chic get the idea.)

David Bowie.

oh, he's kinda cute in these, isn't he?

And then you have...Jareth.  The Goblin King.

I really love David Bowie.
And this is even though a) I don't understand what he is going on about half the time (case in point: his song China Girl) and b) he plays a goblin king who...falls in love with a fifteen-year-old in his 1986 movie Labyrinth.  (Jennifer Connelly, the actress, was 16 at the time.)  (Although I guess Emmy Rossum was only 16 when they began filming Phantom of the Opera, and she and Gerard Butler kissed in that!) (Speaking of Gerard goodness, I want to watch P.S. I Love You.  Like, ahora.)
Like his song Suffragette City? oh baby. yes please.  And I actually do love Labyrinth.  Creepy as heck - the garbage lady?  And those red creatures that want to TAKE OFF YOUR HEAD?  please no.  please, please no, I'd like to keep that.  But I digress.  Watch the sweet 90's re-release trailer HERE.
Point: David Bowie is, in the immortal words of Amanda Bynes: Schveet.  (Although, OH, but his Goblin King pants are AWFUL.)