Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge? Yes please.

Oh yes. I'm really going to do this.  Even if there's lots of days between, you know Day 1 and Day 2, etc...I'll at least keep them in some semblance of order, if not punctuality.
As for now...Day 1. 
My favorite book? Which I can read over and over and over?  Well, obviously, all of them.  But I'm going to have to say...Probably The Goblet of Fire.  They're all incredible, and they're all my favorite, and I could probably read just Harry Potter books my whole life and be happy, but there's something I crazy love about the abundance of details about the wizarding world - The Triwizard Tournament, The World Quidditch Cup, Portkeys, Hogwart's Yule Ball, the house-elves, the list goes on!  The books begin to get their darker tone here, but oh, I love it.  (And number six.  Oh, and number seven.  And number one, and two, and three, and five...ya, darlings, you get the drift.)
Day 1: Your favorite book that you can read over and over
Day 2: A movie that you’ll never get sick of watching
Day 3: Your favorite character
Day 4: Your favorite pairing (
canon or non-canon)
Day 5: A scene that makes you really happy
Day 6: A character you will take your pants off for anytime they ask ;)
Day 7: Your favorite villain
Day 8: A minor character that you love
Day 9: The most badass character
Day 10: A character you relate most to
Day 11: Your favorite scene from your favorite book/movie
Day 12: One part that always makes you cry
Day 13: Your favorite quote
Day 14: A character in the movies who is closest to how you picture them in the books
Day 15: A character you wish was real
Day 16: Your favorite Marauder, Death Eater, or OotP member
Day 17: A character you would like to spend one day with
Day 18: A character you just want to kick in the face
Day 19: A part in the books/movies that makes you angry
Day 20: A character you would play if you were in the movies
Day 21: Your favorite character out of the trio
Day 22: A scene that you love to watch
Day 23: Something that you wish was in the movies but isn’t
Day 24: A character who died and you wish they hadn’t
Day 25: Three characters you would want to be best friends with
Day 26: Your favorite friendship
Day 27: Your favorite trio moment
Day 28: A scene you can’t wait to watch in Part 2
Day 29: A gif of how you feel about Part 2 coming out
Day 30: What you love about Harry Potter

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