Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mis Zapatos Nuevos

New shoes, dears.  $20 bucks from Urban Outfitters.  You like?

Wore them today with pegged skinnies, a blue oxford, and schoolgirl-ish hair. 
I'm definitely not wearing them again til I can get those low cut socks though...I have blisters now like nobody's business!  & it's slightly self-defeating to wear, you know, this cute outfit and then limp like a beggar.  Unless, of course, I can find some boy on campus who has a particular thing for limping girls.  Which would 

& if my tale of two Oxfords isn't enough to thrill you (which I very much understand...dears, I would probaby be bored reading this if I hadn't yearned for a pair of Oxfords all my life.) (which translates years?  That's a full 1/9 of my life mes amies.)
Then news: some kid in my Humanities class told me today that...there's talk of an H&M store in Utah!  Sound the hallelujah chorus, baby.  (& stand while it plays, because King George did...lavish the praise on my Humanities class for that tidbit of information, too, dears.)
And if even that isn't scintillating enough to catch your interest...Then voila!
Groovy music for the very awesome.
It's fairly long but also fairly fantastic.

Now let the drum beat drop.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well, we're going to talk about the most beautiful man on the planet.

My friends said "Jake Gyllenhaal", and that was all I needed to hear. 
I walked into Source Code without any idea of what it was about, knowing simply that Gyllenhaal (okay, or my friends and I might refer to him as simply "Jake"...;) was in it, and, hey, he's a solid actor.
And I quite liked it!  Was it fantastic?  Not really, but it was good enough entertainment.
Oh, and dears?
Have I mentioned how painfully, incredibly, unbelievably
he is?
I'm quite certain he is the most beautiful man on the planet.  And he seems like a really dear, decent guy too. 
As much as one can adore someone they've never met...that's how much I adore Jake Gyllenhaal.
But you knew that.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I like.

Turns out... obsession with all things Australian is not just a fling.  Case in point: Old Man River's track L.A.  (Focus:  Old Man River is Australian, never mind the misleading song name, which suggests all things American.) (For a free download of this tune, go HERE.)   And when you consider that there is to be no getting over fantastic people like Angus and Julia Stone, Lisa Mitchell, and Jaclyn Moriarty...well, darlings, the Aussies are here to stay.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Gosh, Mulberry's cool.

Do-It-Yourself:  Mulberry's Fox Masks.  (borrowed from the blog Chic and Cheerful.)
Enlarge. Print on glossy paper. Add ribbons, et voila.  Coolest mask ever.  You might even have to hold a masquerade for the sole purpose of wearing this.  Or not.  You might just wear it.  Around town, a la Breakfast at Tiffany's.
You know you want to.

Horchata Pops. Oh YUM.

Ohhh law.  Horchata is like my favorite thing ever.  Horchata Italian Ices?  FANTASTIC.  Plain old horchata?  MARVELOUS.
(Oh, and have it at Cafe Rio, darlings.  De-freaking-licious.)
So!  I opened my inbox and in my daily e-mail from Etsy was this recipe.  Oh YUM.  I will SO be busting this out in the next week.

Recipe for Horchata Pops
Yield: About 6 popsicles
2 cups long grain white rice
2 cups plus 3 tablespoons water, divided
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Ice pop molds
Kimberley Hasselbrink
Combine the rice and two cups water in a glass bowl. Let sit overnight. (It’s not necessary to refrigerate.)
The next day, blend the rice and water thoroughly in a blender. Strain the rice water through cheesecloth placed inside a fine colander or sieve. Use a spoon to coax the liquid through the mesh.
While the liquid is draining, make a quick simple syrup. Combine the sugar with the remaining three tablespoons of water. You can warm it quickly in the microwave or simmer until just dissolved in a small saucepan.

Once the rice water has drained, combine it with the simple syrup, ground cinnamon and Greek yogurt. You’ll want to blend this thoroughly, so that everything emulsifies nicely and the cinnamon and yogurt don’t separate while freezing. An electric mixer or immersion blender are quite helpful here, but a fork and some elbow grease will get the job done.
Pour the horchata mixture into your ice pop molds. Freeze for about six hours. Then park yourself in a grassy field and enjoy.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Er.  And I love Mika. (Clearly not even HALF as much as Harry Potter...but that is just a fact of life - embrace it.  Harry Potter will always be at least twice as fantastic as everything else.) 
For several reasons:
1) He is a KNIGHT.  I'm serious.  France named him a knight.  For services to music.  But still.  You can't beat that with a stick.
2) His first EP was called Dodgy Holiday.  Deeply awesome, anyone?
3) Er, he's French. Enough said. And he just released his first French song.
4) He has great hair and pretty eyes. 

5)  I like his shirt.

How to Survive Without Harry Potter (And Counterproductive Obsessing.)
Quite funny and horribly true.  RIP darling.  But you'll like it.  So read.
And now...some VERY counterproductive but fantastic obsessing over the boys of Harry Potter!!!
Rupert personal favorite.  But you knew that.

Um.  Heeey. 

haha yes.  fantastic.
There's nothing as irresistible as a staged shot of a ginger fishing in a rugby shirt and wellies.  I only wish I were joking. 

That said, I know I'm just repeating what EVERY blogger in the entire blogosphere (I think that, tragically, that is in fact a legitimate word) has said but:  Matthew Lewis.  You're fantastic.  And that said... You and could be magic. 
(Pun gleefully intended.)
(Also, who doesn't love a good old She's The Man reference?)
And I heard one of his favorite bands is The Strokes...? Oh baby.  Sign me up!

Oh darlings.  I love Harry Potter.  But you knew that.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter puns. Does it get any better?

Jaclyn Moriarty is a Goddess.

Jaclyn Moriarty is a Goddess.  Did you get that from the title?  One can only hope.
For example, she likes Arcade Fire and animals.  & she wrote these groovy novels.
Feeling Sorry for Celia, The Year of Secret Assignments, and The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie are my three favorite teen books (surpassing even The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson - if that can be believed!) and are definitely in my top ten favorite books of all time.  Seriously.  They're So. FAB.  & I have to have to have to read The Ghosts of Ashbury High - the next one, eh?
Anyways.  You guys.  The books are crazy funny (very dry and snarky, and you catch yourself grinning madly after particularly funny parts) and intriguing, with fab plots, sexy/adorable/hilarious boys, and really fantastic relatable girls that you just REALLY want to become best friends with.  Like if I knew how many times my subconscious wished Elizabeth, Christina, Emily, Lydia, Cassie, Bindy, and Astrid were real (okay, and that I went to Australia...okay, so it's a stretch.)...I can bet it would be a ridiculously high number.  (How'd that sentence do ya?  Has your brain recovered yet from what an awful sentence that was?  Mine definitely hasn't!) Oh AND.  they're written in epistolary form.  Meaning in all written things - like memos, letters, journal entries, etc...similar to Georgia, non?  But even more fab.  Aah!  You just don't even know how excellent they are.
PLEASE read them.  You'll love them.  & when you tell - which boy do you love most?  I can never decide.  P.S...Saxon doesn't count, although his name is seriously sexy.  And he does have his moments.  But still. 
Enigmatic Jared?
Cutie Charlie?
Severely Sexy SEBASTIAN?! (Love. love. love. that name.)
Equally Sexy SERGIO?! (er...ditto.)
or Fantastic Finn? (what is WITH all these gorgeous names?!  Jaclyn Moriarty sure knows how to pick 'em!)
Read and divulge, dears!

Here are some pictures of the books for you, so if you forget the names of them when you're at the bookstore, you can babble helpfully:  "pink and feet...and like a locker?  and a smiley KNOW."

(for more Jaclyn Moriarty love, go to! Marvy, eh?)

Happiness is male models lip syncing Elvis.

You ever seen anything so adorable, hilarious, and jaw-droppingly HOT?  Unless you're secretly married to Ryan Reynolds (in which case, can we share?)...I think not!!!  (My favorite - the retro cutie at about 1:41.  They're all GORGEOUS though -which one's your favorite?!)

Girly Boys and Vive le mode!

Half the boys at school walk like girls.  It's an annoyance, to say the least.  Say you spot someone cute?...and actually, like, i don't know, manly?  You're over it five seconds later as they walk past.  marvelous
But!  It's cheering to realize that while the dudes walk like chicks here, there's some style at BYU!  (as relates to the girls, mais oui.) 
I passed this girl today and I swear, had I not been a) camera-less (shocking, really) and b) late (not as much), I would've pulled a Sartorialist and asked for "a picture for my blog, a picture for my blog please?" like some Cockney flower girl.  But, as I said, camera-less and late.
However.  I'll describe her outfit.  Pour vous, mes amies, mais oui!
She was wearing some great floaty mocha skirt, ankle-length and minorly tiered, with a slightly boxy heathered-blush-pink short-sleeve top and fantastic neutral wedges.  + a great cargo-esque backpack, natural makeup (come on, is that not the most ironic term?) and a high wispy bun.  so kudos, random chic girl.  You're an inspiration to my plaid shirt, skinny jeans self, eh?
the closest outfit I could find on the world wide web:
Groovesville, Arizona.  It was a MARVY outfit, dears.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lumberjacks, Melbourne, and Albert Hammond Jr.

So. I really like this. (Yes, really.) And it's less than twenty bucks - come again? LESS THAN 20 DOLARES. etc.

And it's from Australia.  Which is especially groovy because my favorite books are set there.  And I'm reading one of them AHORA.  that is to say, right now.  Unfortunately, there's no website for this shop...and I DON'T live in Melbourne.  Yes, that would be terribly fantastic, though, I agree.

Melbourne!  Just in case you wanted to know where a) this marvy jacket came from and b) i totally wish I did live.

Ok.  Focus.  The real reason I started writing today was to post a song.  Really, just so I had an excuse to listen to it instead of the classical stuff I should be listening to for my Humanities exam.  Which is tomorrow.  Cheers.  But anyways!
Albert Hammond Jr. (of The Strokes.  FANTASTIC.  You know, only my favorite band.)
Gfc, off his album ¿Cómo Te Llama?
(way to go on the question marks, hombre.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Friend of a Friend of a Friend...and so it goes.

O.k., so this is more just a friend of a friend thing (thank goodness.  I can only handle so many levels of complexity.)  But.
this is fantastic.  and slightly sexy.  So go and listen and swoon.  You'll like it much...I promise.

And I'll be honest...some, yes, namely Red at Dusk himself
(how's that for perfect english?) are already slightly sexy.  So to add excellent music to that...some things are just not fair.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I love this show!  Basically the funniest thing ever.  Elijah Wood is perfect as the awkward, depressed yet ridiculously sweet Ryan, and the whole really is genius.  And is HILARIOUS.  Go to it and you'll just die.  LOVE. WILFRED!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Angus & Julia Stone

Mary Louise Parker

Just wanted to take a(n) (uber) random moment and say:  I love Mary Louise Parker.  I fully admit I've only seen her in Red, but I loved her beyond belief in that.  It's now like the greatest desire of my heart to watch Weeds.  I just think that in a world of, you know, "young starlets" and all, it's crazy refreshing to see someone who's genuine, talented, and gorgey even at forty-something! 

Viva Mary Louise Parker!

Irresistible, non?

You guys.  I love Nylon.  But you knew that. 
Their latest massive music offering:  The NYLON SUMMER PLAYLIST!!!
Darlings...we're talking Panic! At the Disco, Eisley, Patrick Stump (yes, THAT Patrick Stump. of THAT Fall Out Boy - and oh the irony; his song is subtitled Oh Nostalgia, and I've been singing Sugar, We're Going Down ALL day.  Nostalgia for...junior high?  Aw heck no.), a live Cosmic Love from Florence + The Machine...and loads of other fab artists (Austra, Givers, Dom, etc.)...and all free.  Mmm. Irresistible, non?

Harry Potter.

Few things are better, non?  Go.  Watch. LOVE.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amy Adams is...Jane Fonda???

There's an old kinda satricial Western my family loves called The Ballad of Cat Ballou.  It stars Lee Marvin and Jane Fonda, and just today I realized...Jane Fonda and Amy Adams are practically twins.  Nice.  Et voila:
Jane Fonda

Amy Adams

Seriously.  What the???
Anyways, these women are legends!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lily Allen! "Yeah can I take your digits?' "Nah I've gotta go cos my house is on fire."

Basically...this song is hilarious.  & so true!  The girl can be downright raunchy, but I gotta admit...I love Lily Allen!!!
Alright so this is a song about anyone, it could be anyone.
You're just doing your own thing and some one comes out the blue,
They're like,
What ya saying,
"Yeah can I take your digits?"
And you're like, "no not in a million years, you're nasty
please leave me alone."

Cut to the pub on our last night out,
Man at the bar cos it was his shout,
Clocks this bird and she looks OK,
Caught him looking and she walks his way,
"Alright darling, you gonna buy us a drink then?"
"Err no, but I was thinking of buying one for your friend..."

She's got no taste hand on his waist, tries to pull away but her lips on his face,
"If you insist I'll have a white wine spritzer"
"Sorry love, but you ain't a pretty picture."

Can't knock em out, can't walk away,
Try desperately to think of the politest way to say,
Just get out my face, just leave me alone,
And no you can't have my number,
Because I've lost my phone.

Oh yeah, actually yeah I'm pregnant, having a baby in like 6 months so no, yeah, yeah...

"I recognize this guy's way of thinking..."
As he comes over her face starts sinking,
She's like,
"Oh here we go.."
It's a routine check that she already knows, she's thinking: "They're all the same."

"Yeah you alright baby? You look alright still, yeah what's your name?"
She looks in her bag, takes out a fag, tries to get away from the guy on a blag, can't find a light,
"Here use mine"
"You see the thing is I just don't have the time."


Go away now, let me go,
Are you stupid? Or just a little slow?
Go away now I've made myself clear,
Nah it's not gonna happen,
Not in a a million years,

[Chorus x2]

Nah I've gotta go cos my house is on fire,
I've got herpes, err no I've got syphilis...
AIDS, AIDS, I've got AIDS!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ManRepeller, we love you.

Just discovered the site  Yes, really.  & it's hilarious and tres chic, and you should all go to laugh and lust over her deeply groovy, deeply man repelling wardrobe.  I'm in luurve.

Acoustic Explosion!

Went to this "Acoustic Explosion" night over at the Y...and it was pretty marvy.  Most everyone who played was downright fab; it was kinda a happy thing! :) 
And...thinking of maybe auditioning for it?!! (well...kind of an audition.  It's not so intimidating as all that haha!)
But yes.  Lovely night.  & then chicken fries with one of my best friends!  Acoustic Explosion + Chicken Fries + Girl Talk = a luuuurvely Wednesday evening! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Lovecapades

So.  I'm sitting in the library yesterday, making flashcards (which, really?  How tedious.) to study for my Psychology test and this girl nearby is talking...she's a bit loud, so I kind of look up (...okay.  I was eavesdropping.  read me my rights.) and...not only is she a) British...she is b) wearing this cool band shirt - red, and it says "The British are coming", with the royal crown above it.  And underneath it says "The Lovecapades".  & as I listen to her talk, I realize...she is IN the band!  Marvelous.  So I looked the band up, naturally...and they're downright groovy.
They have a show July 8th at Sammy's in Provo, which I might go to.  So yah!  Listen and love mes amies!

Music, dears.

John Butler Trio - Ocean.
One of THE most gorgeous acoustic songs ever.  Actually...I'd be impressed if you could find one more amazing than this.  Watch and drool my dears.  This song is downright sexy.

Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry.  This is excellent.  She's adorable, and I just really dig this song!

Lisa Mitchell - Clean White Love.  This is excellent, and the video just makes me rainy-day happy.  Love it.

&, well, let's admit I could just blog about music all day.  I'll stop at this for today, but I'll give you guys some more music love tomorrow!