Monday, November 7, 2011


You already knew I wasn't going to manage to do this every single day.  But close enough eh?
Movie I could watch over and over and over again: Definitely not the last one.  I feel like I've gone to twenty funerals in one watching that movie. Probably the sixth...or part one of the seventh.  I actually really love the slower pace of the the first part of The Deathly's kind of indie, ya know? In a very good way.  But yeah, the sixth.  It's got just the right vibe - a mix of the heartbreak and humor of school life...well, yes, okay, that's why!  So many good moments - the party after the big match, McCormack and Hermione, Ron and Lavender (ok, and I'm always her for every costume party ever - easy, and I look a little like her, and I love Ron. Representing.  TANGENT...when Lavender dies - totally not in the book, P freaking S - that was the final straw for me.  OH I'm getting shaky just thinking about the movie coming out on DVD Friday.  But SO crazy excited.), Slughorn's party, OH, Draco being CRAZY SEXY and upset and crap like that...the big game itself, when Aragorn dies and Harry, all high on Felix Felicis, does the little pincers thing (like the one moment where I actually love the movie Harry...), the fact that it's basically about Snape, who I love, and the introduction of Professor Slughorn... and ON AND ON AND ON I GO.  Actually, Imma watch that right now...okay? okay.  And that is the beauty of not having class til 1 every other day.
xxx and all that jazz
- Tabby

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