Sunday, January 1, 2012

midnight in paris.

What an insanely lovely film this is.  Is it perfect?  Ah, non. l'adore.  Beaucoup.  It's a marvelous film and I want you all to go watch it NOW.  Si vous m'aimez, non?  I am painfully and madly in love with 20s Paris now...well done, Woody Allen.
And the performances...are they not tres beaux?  I am, of course, partial to Adrien Brody as Salvador Dali, ("The rhinoceros make love, by mounting the female, but, here’s the difference, in the beauty between two rhinoceros-es.”) but, you know...they're all absolutely lovely.  Marion Cotillard!  What a lovely actress.  And oh, Alison Pill just shows up everywhere and does fab - she and Tom Hiddleston are marvelous as the Fitzgeralds.  Stoll as  Blow me away.  Kathy Bates as a very true-to-character Gertrude Stein, Michael Sheen as "the pedantic gentleman", Rachel McAdams as...well, a witch, if you'll pardon my French.  And of course, Lea Seydoux as Gabrielle.  I know she only has like, what, a few minutes in the film?  But she's so French, and so very classic, and I love it. I have never been so envious of someone's innate grace, absolute charm, and almost ethereal beauty.  As Monica Perry at the blog Get Addicted says, "Don't get me wrong. Marion Cotillard is a beauty. But I remember leaving the theater thinking: Who's that girl?"  How right on is that?
And Owen Wilson as Gil is just perfect. 
Oh, mes amies, mes cheres, you must watch this delightful little movie.
Okay, thanks.

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