Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sexy? You bet your pantyhose.

Dears, this is vair random, but...
I LOVE Adrien Brody.  Have since The Village. (Which, well, I love that movie even if no one else does!  Honestly, you guys.  The story is good, beyond the scary movie varnish, and the acting is brilliant.) Even as the poor "village idiot", I loved him.  The man is talented.  And he is So. Sexy.  I don't know what it is. Have ya'll noticed it, though?
He's waaay too old for me, and he's not conventionally handsome by a long shot, yet he oozes sexy.  Not cute, not hot - plain old sexy.
Like he'd look at you and really see you.
Or maybe that's my wishful thinking, romantic side coming through.
Pictures though, oui?


Also, um...unrelated but.
Sung Kang. From Fast Five.  He and Paul Walker make that movie for me. (Like it's SO dumb.  But honestly.  Give me a heart-of-gold ex-bad-guy tearing the rug from under a bully's feet and an adorable Asian sidekick and I will, unfortunately, BUY the freaking movie.) So watch it, k?  And don't hate me when you realize you kinda wasted a couple of hours of your life.  Appreciate and love me for encouraging you to watch Paul Walker and Sung Kang!
A demain, ma coeur.

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