Saturday, January 21, 2012

So yeah...

You had to know Midnight in Paris girl was going to show up here again, didn't you?
So here she is!  The lovely French Lea Seydoux, who I have a mega girl crush on.  Pictures and such...for being all jealous and "gosh I'd like to be this fab French model-actress all-around groovy girl with awesome hair." "and awesome clothes." "who can also rock lipstick like she was born to do so."  Oh wait, I already said she was French, so saying she was born to rock red lipstick was redundant.  Sorry there.  (Also my keyboard is adamant that there be no "r"s in my post, so "sorry there" was nearly "soy thee".  Which makes WORLDS of sense.)
Okay, yeah, well, it's late and I'm getting up at six-fifteen tomorow.  On a Saturday.  Which is very very very close to being not just a misdemeanor - misdemeano - but a felony. 
But it's for The Sundance Film Festival.  Which, you know, felonies are okay if one can potentially see film stars.  Also said felonies must be committed when they're because one's realllly exceptionally groovy best friend (fiend) bought tickets as a really marvy birthday surprise
Okay so. Pictures and then bed!

Moral of the story (Don't you know that there's ALWAYS a moral???):
Be French.
Or at least get ahold of that fantastic red lipstick.

Bonne nuit, mes amies!
xxx and all that jazz,


  1. I love you so so much! You ae petty much the best eve! lets hang out supe soon! (notice i didn't use any 'R's! haha love you!

  2. Hahaha I love it.
    And okay! Just say when and we can paty like cazy. ;)