Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well, children...today we're going to talk about the most beautiful man on the planet.

My friends said "Jake Gyllenhaal", and that was all I needed to hear. 
I walked into Source Code without any idea of what it was about, knowing simply that Gyllenhaal (okay, or my friends and I might refer to him as simply "Jake"...;) was in it, and, hey, he's a solid actor.
And I quite liked it!  Was it fantastic?  Not really, but it was good enough entertainment.
Oh, and dears?
Have I mentioned how painfully, incredibly, unbelievably
he is?
I'm quite certain he is the most beautiful man on the planet.  And he seems like a really dear, decent guy too. 
As much as one can adore someone they've never met...that's how much I adore Jake Gyllenhaal.
But you knew that.

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