Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girly Boys and Vive le mode!

Half the boys at school walk like girls.  It's an annoyance, to say the least.  Say you spot someone cute?...and actually, like, i don't know, manly?  You're over it five seconds later as they walk past.  marvelous
But!  It's cheering to realize that while the dudes walk like chicks here, there's some style at BYU!  (as relates to the girls, mais oui.) 
I passed this girl today and I swear, had I not been a) camera-less (shocking, really) and b) late (not as much), I would've pulled a Sartorialist and asked for "a picture for my blog, a picture for my blog please?" like some Cockney flower girl.  But, as I said, camera-less and late.
However.  I'll describe her outfit.  Pour vous, mes amies, mais oui!
She was wearing some great floaty mocha skirt, ankle-length and minorly tiered, with a slightly boxy heathered-blush-pink short-sleeve top and fantastic neutral wedges.  + a great cargo-esque backpack, natural makeup (come on, is that not the most ironic term?) and a high wispy bun.  so kudos, random chic girl.  You're an inspiration to my plaid shirt, skinny jeans self, eh?
the closest outfit I could find on the world wide web:
Groovesville, Arizona.  It was a MARVY outfit, dears.

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