Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Survive Without Harry Potter (And Counterproductive Obsessing.)
Quite funny and horribly true.  RIP darling.  But you'll like it.  So read.
And now...some VERY counterproductive but fantastic obsessing over the boys of Harry Potter!!!
Rupert personal favorite.  But you knew that.

Um.  Heeey. 

haha yes.  fantastic.
There's nothing as irresistible as a staged shot of a ginger fishing in a rugby shirt and wellies.  I only wish I were joking. 

That said, I know I'm just repeating what EVERY blogger in the entire blogosphere (I think that, tragically, that is in fact a legitimate word) has said but:  Matthew Lewis.  You're fantastic.  And that said... You and could be magic. 
(Pun gleefully intended.)
(Also, who doesn't love a good old She's The Man reference?)
And I heard one of his favorite bands is The Strokes...? Oh baby.  Sign me up!

Oh darlings.  I love Harry Potter.  But you knew that.

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