Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Just got back Friday from a roadtrip through, you know, thrilling places.
But also Colorado, Kentucky, Tennesse, lovely places like that.
Also who knew how big antiquing is in rural Tennessee? Child, it's BIG.
Pictures? Mais oui.
Book Cliffs, Colorado

Kansas. They have good sunsets, and...that's all, folks.
Rural Tennesse. Right outside Memphis. Green and gorgeous and absolutely devoured by kudzu, which is sad and eerie while being compellingly beautiful. I never got a chance to take pictures of it, but here's some from the World Wide Web - you'll see what I mean. It feels very post-apocalyptic, if that makes any sense. Like in a thousand years from now, the South will be rediscovered and it will be completely covered in kudzu.
And I can't seem to find a National Geographic article on kudzu...for the love, why not? That would make such a great story, not to mention the PICTURES. National Geographic photographer = dream job, anyone?
It makes creepy images, like this girl here.

It eats houses. For a midnight snack.
(Although the fantasty land bit is right - a very creepy fantasy land.)

Mostly, it just kills and covers everything in its path! Cheers!
But totally eerily fascinating, right?


What's better than Elvis? Two of him.


Antiquing in Collierville.


Leaving Piperton.

Nashville, seen through the Nashville filter. #meta, anyone?

Riding a puffin plane back to Utah.

Ten days to takeoff, mes petites amies! Picture post in a few.
And to make sure you have a lovely evening, The Man Repeller:

xxx and all that jazz,

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