Friday, September 21, 2012

God bless Monoprix.

Writing from McDonalds on my iPod because our "borrowed" wifi at the hotel has gone mental on us. So expect this to be short. Basically...Paris is so amazing. I took today really easy because yesterday was v exhausting - and we were at the Louvre til nine thirty! And it's INCREDIBLE- but so surreal, and I almost died over the Davids and Delacroixs (and Mona is every bit as beguiling as people say - it just took seeing her in the flesh to really fall in love with her.) But exhausting for sure. Last night I was so knackered it was only a question of finding any flat surface at all to sleep on, so I figured it would do me well to relax today. Read: bath, crossword, magazine, & baguette & pain chocolat aux amandes by the little island\trail in the middle of the Seine by our hotel.
C'est la fab fab fab vie.
Write more later?
Lovin this gorgey-porgey place though.
xxx and all that jazz,

Also God bless Monoprix. Green & navy bowtie blouse, red leather (which I didn't know...and now I feel much more justified in their price) old lady loafers that are just the coolest. Also Monoprix has a sweet graphic designer working for them, it's official. Clearly the rest of the interwebs thinks so too, check out this picture:    


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