Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adieu darlings!

This is the last day at home before I go, kids!
Next time I talk to ya'll, I'll probably be in Paris. Anyone else weirded out/madly excited/OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MIND about that? Anyone...? Just me...?
Okay, just me.
I am slam-bang absolutely totally madly thrilled about this, with just a little lump in my throat called "mypuppiesandmyfamiliaandautumnhere".  But I think I wouldn't be normal if I didn't. But you just know if I'm homesick on the road, I'll miss the road like crazy when I'm home. Enjoy where you're at, bloom where you're planted, etc., etc., we have got to come up with a better metaphor than that, is the moral, I suppose.
Mes petites amies...let me leave you with a word of advice before I head off.

LISTEN TO GORILLAZ "PLASTIC BEACH". I think ma favorite album evA.

Wise advice, my friends, wise advice.
From the heart.

(And I googleimaged "best tour eiffel pictures" to give you the best possible parting picture. And, mebs due to the confusing amalgamation of languages, Google gave me this. And with that exact look of weird excitement on my face I say, adieu.)

xxx and all that jazz,
Oh, and ps, I probably won't be on here a great deal...but follow me on Instagram - enthusiasmandanthologies - I can guarantee I will be on that far too much. S'laters!

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