Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Salut darlings

Salut, you guys! (Salut is hey in the beautiful language.  Dears...I mean French, language of god-like pastries et aussi gorgeous cathedrals (and gorgeous boys, mais oui).)
First blog, first blog post...this should be interesting, eh?  This makes me nervous, like I'm in a job interview or on a first date.  Although I have much more time to think of something clever when I'm writing!
The blog's name, I guess, is a good place to start.  I'm a big reader, and a total romantic, and I've always madly wanted a bookshop...slash cafe.  Because books & goodies are two cornerstones of a vair happy life. :)  When it gets built (in ten years, twenty, or when I'm like seventy and silver-haired (hopefully. silver hair is so vair elegant)) it'll be called The Paper Heart Cafe.
It'll sit on a charming street lined with dozens of small brick shops.  The door will be propped open with a small framed chalkboard, daily specials scribbled upon the chalkboard in a friendly scrawl.  Inside, customers will sit at five little round tables on little wooden chairs and chat with friends while sipping tea and nibbling on pastries.  The bookstore in the back of the shop will have a pair of classic, comfy armchairs, and folks will curl up under the lamps and read.  Lines from the great works of literature will be collaged on the counter and miniature statues depicting scenes from favorite books will rest on the center of the tabletops.  The menu will be written out on a chalkboard hung above the counter, covered in the names of goodies christened after renowned authors and beloved novels – Pride & Prejudice Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chip Cookies, Oliver Twist Zucchini Bread, Wonderland Crème Puffs, Catcher in the Rye Mint Tea, etc.  Super cheesy? Heck ya.  But I totally love it.  Cos, honestly, j'adore books.  Books are little pieces of me - they're my paper hearts, darlings. :)
So!  Weekend plans, anyone?  I guess tomorrow's only Thursday, but I'm already in weekend mode!  Rooftop concert Friday night - I went to one in May; it was way fun!  On a parking garage rooftop, you know, but strung with big ol' chinese lanterns.  And there's something about free hipster music on a downtown rooftop with hipsters to love it. ;) (& the posters put around town are illustrated with three pink mice in ballet outfits .  Love, anyone?)
les bises, T
(look it up, lazy. ;)

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