Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily Band Crush

The Magic Numbers.  I think the name sounds like a sci-fi book.  Not that there's anything wrong with Sci-Fi...I mean, Star Trek?  Chris Pine?  Bring it on.  (Ender's Game is a different story.  I would rather be tarred and feathered than read that again.  And I am almost completely serious.)
But it's not a sci-fi book.  It's a band.  And, ladies and gents, they are (drumroll, please) today's Daily Band Crush!!!

This is probably one of the most incredible bands I can think of.  The Magic Numbers, Florence + The Machine, The Strokes...they're all up there.  The Magic Numbers are just so freaking INCREDIBLE.
Like Florence, they play around with style a lot - consider the song Undecided ( ), the sexy Long Legs (, the folk-y Goodnight (about halfway through has a gorge instrumental bit) (, and the aching beauty of I See You, You See Me - the two perspectives in the alive (  (Their slower songs are EXCELLENT.)  They use lots of different instruments to fab effect, they have these gorgeous, unique voices, they have got major harmony and originality going on, and their lyrics are perfect.  
I've listened to them for about three years, and once you's not puppy love.  It's full-blown amour.
(Other fab songs from the quartet:
Love's A Game
This Love,
Let Somebody In,
Runnin' Out,
The Pulse, and
You Never Had It.)
go forth and listen, darlings.

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