Wednesday, June 22, 2011

B. Y. UUUU!!!

You guys.  College is fab.  I'm not loving the homework (yes, already...due maybe to the fact that I just realized that the "Chapter 1" reading I'm meant to be doing actually has TWENTY-TWO more pages to go! when I thought I was about done!  Fab.) (And yes, I promise I'll get right on that in a sec.)  But the classes are so interesting.  My Psychology class seems O.K., I hope it'll get better, cos I really do love the topic.  But humanities.  Man alive.  That class is just deeply groovy.  For starters, I actually know people in there haha - all the kids from my Y Group, so that's great.  & the professor is one of those loud, crazy, funny know?  & she really knows her stuff.  We talked about the Sistine Chapel and the story behind it for like an hour yesterday and it was possibly THE coolest thing ever.  No joke. 
So ya, darlings, I'm in love with college.  I loved high school, don't get me wrong, but people are not just a kiddin ya when they say college is a million times better!  Well. I'm going to go do my marvy Psychology reading now.  Joy. & a half.  But I guess that's just the price ya have to pay!
P.S....rooftop concert July 1st, anyone?  It should be a good one! :)

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