Thursday, August 2, 2012

Um hey, music. And Camille LaCourt. DANG.

They are SO ADORABLE.  I'm so in love.


Loved Lianne La Havas since her amazing cover of Everything Everything's Final Form...and this is stellar. She's just crazy awesome. Really. I can't even think of anything amusing to say about it, that's how much I freaking adore her and her music.
And go check out this vair amusing post about all the sexy, sexy men swimming at the Olympics over at Crushable.  And by go check it out, I mean...
As one Crushable commenter proposed, "Camille LaCourt - let’s make a baby and eat baguettes all day." And to that I say...let's just make em all the time. (And second the baguette thing. Er, yum.)
Here is a picture. Or two. Or three. Or, okay, well, every single picture of him is just so dang good, so eat your heart out, here's a million. Just so you know it's a pretty valid thing to just want to eat baguettes and make babies with him all the time.

er, wow.

and one last glance over his shoulder at us before we finally stop.

It doesn't get any sexier, ladies and also quite frankly gents.
xxx and all that jazz,

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