Monday, August 13, 2012

Me Talk Pretty One Day, Me Use Organization?

Well, Lianne La Havas has a show October 11th in London. Moral of the story: If we're not back from Amsterdam by then (as our program directors are mostly but not entirely clear on boring old things like dates...) ...I will cry big old "My love IS big enough, Lianne, but the Van Gogh Museum waits for no man!" tears.
HERE is the link, in case you read that and were like, screw it, I want in.
In an unrelated vein, we're going to have dinner at Dove Cottage in November. Dinner. At Dove Cottage. Also known as home of the mega-brilliant, mega-famous poet William Wordsworth. Ring any bells? It rings mine. So. bloody. excited.
This is the excited face. Are you ready?

That was exciting, eh?

(SPOILER: of a sort-ish: If you're not essentially ADD, this blog post (and any and all others) will be hard to follow.) (Which is probably completely unrelated to what my writing teacher described as a desperate "lack of organization". Completely unrelated.)
Check out this band that goes by Husky playing this song called History's Door. It's pretty rad. Pretty darn. Alas, I can't seem to make the embed code work for the life of me. Linksies!
So here's some inspiration pictures, as per usual, until I get sidetracked and write about something else. Moral of the story (yes, I know, I'm like whatsit, Aesop, going on about morals and thingummies all the time): Enjoy them while you can!
Sidetrack (already): David Sedaris. Me & Me Talk Pretty One Day had a real nice weekend together, although I think I like When You Are Engulfed in Flames just a smidge more. Oh, don't worry, I always say annoying phrases like "a smidge". Wonderful, ain't it? Possibly my favorite part of Me Talk Pretty One Day is this gem of a phrase from the mighty Sedaris. On "boys like me who kept movie star scrapbooks and made their own curtains":

When asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, we hid the truth and listed who we wanted to sleep with when we grew up. "A policeman or a fireman or one of those guys who works with high-tension wires."

I love the image of this kid being like, "Um..." while picturing a fireman with massive arms in those jumper things. Which for some reason reminds me of that FRIENDS episode where Phoebs is two-timing with that sexy, sexy, sexy firefighter. The end.

Pictures credit of Refinery29, Lianne La Havas, Stockholm Streetsyle, and the one, the only, Man Repeller.  Madonna...I don't know where she came from.

 How absurdly gorgeous is this?

And Refinery29 did a whole series on awesome suits. And now I want all of them, please and thank you. These are SO sick.

Acne rocks. Always.

I would boy this thing up.
Elizabeth and James. Clahssay. Like my spelling. Also the color.

Reed Krakoff. This...this, I love.

The ManRepeller, doing what she does best. Which is not, as you would guess, manrepelling. It's being a stylish, envy-inducing beast.

Iridescent Doc Martens, it's cool, nbd, whatevs.

Capes, you say? Mmm, okay.



 Leandra Medine, being fantastic.

Awesome woman in Stockholm.
Awesome model in Stockholm.

"For the last time, Papa...don't preach. Fishnets are fashion."

Oooh. And this gem I just found on Stockholm Streetstyle:

Eat your heart out. This girl rocks.

xxx and all that jazz,

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