Monday, July 16, 2012

Random, A Bit, Cheres?

So I just started following Alexa Chung on Instagram. 6716 followers and...0 following? How very Alexa. By that I mean: How very It-Girl of her. By which I mean: Kill, a little bit, possibly, to be her. (Although everybody hates you for that picture of your mile-long legs, Alexa.  Talk about depressing.)
(Although if she ever checks comments...wouldn't you be so creeped out by people going, "Most beautiful girl ever!- emoticon, emoticon, emoticon"? Or pissed by people telling you that they "love you, but this does not look healthy!!!" Aaaand we're back to creeped out by: "Stunning alexa is stunning."
But the moral of the story is: If you have Alexa Chung's cheekbones and are besties with Christopher do not complain about creepy comments. 
Also if you dated Alex Turner.) (Which makes we the regular people jealous as anything.)
Yeah, the Alex Turner I've decided is my favorite 
All his Arctic Monkeys stuff is incredible, love them, but his solo stuff for Submarine was incredible. Like fab. Stuck On The Puzzle? Um.  Ye-es.

I'm not the kind of fool
who's gonna sit and sing to you,
about stars, girl.

But last night I looked up into
the dark half of the blue,
and they'd gone backwards.

Something in your magnetism
must have pissed them off,
forcing them to get an early night.

Bloody great.
Erm. That is all.

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