Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman and Amazing Art

Art & designs I'm crazy in love with ahora. (In other words: I get to talk without actually having to think of anything clever. Cheers!)
Also who's seen Spiderman yet? Midnight premiere = free Spiderman shirt...and it was awesome. The end. (And by the end I mean: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are the hottest and most adorable
couple ever. The end.)

isn't this just fantastic?

and this. oh my love.

oh. it's just really sweet.

and give me Shel Silverstein any day.
Although every time I think of him I think of Jack Donaghy: "Shel Silverstein was a Communist." (30 Rock, you rock.)

I think I've done this un before. But yeeeah.

this is a strange kind of magical, I think.
rock and roll, you make me happy.
 I could make this. That's the thrilling part.

um. really in love.

this is too happy.

and who knows what this is? and who cares?
Exactly. This is crazy beautiful.

I don't know. But for some reason I love it.

This is crazy, crazy, crazy beautiful.
And I love Man Ray. This is an incredible portrait he took of Antonin Artaud.

I dunno, but isn't it great?

I love this with all my heart.

And this makes me think of The Magician's Nephew.
For Narnia!

Dickens' Day.

This is raw and lovely.

This is incredibly beautiful. It's a Henry Clarke illustration for Edgar Allen Poe.

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