Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh hello!

I'm so honored to recieve this Most Infrequent Blogger Award!
I'd like to thank my parents for making me. Without them, I wouldn't be here. Like but seriously.
And a huge thanks to Blogger for directing me straight to my email whenever I tried to log in. Had it not done so, I might have actually posted during this brief but excellent period in my life!  And last but not least, to my computer for falling into a coma for three weeks. Were it not for your tragic coma and miraculous resurrection, I might have remained an anonymous blogger, simply making friends and family jealous with my thrilling tales of adventures overseas! As it is, I am instead The Most Infrequent Blogger. Thank you, Internet Gods, for giving me this award -I'll keep it on the shelf next to my Oscar that also doesn't exist!

Here's some pictures from my real-life adventures that actually happened and were actually awesome, whether I chronicled them on Blogger or not.
You can also check me out on the social networks I did keep up on, a.k.a. The FB and Instagram (enthusiasmandanthologies). And I'm on Twitter, too...technically. But were you to follow me on it...well, I haven't tweeted, so that would be boring. Check out ma pictures on this post instead. And the words that go with it. And I will seriously wrap this up now. And maybe post a link of this to Twitter. And I will have finally Tweeted. #meta.
Pictures of the place that has changed me forever.

Or one.

More when the Internet gets over itself and lets me put more up. You'll just have to be satisfied with this. Trees, a cab, a man, the sun, a fence, leaves, asphalt...all very unique to London.
More another day. I promise to never again be even considered for the very prestigious blogging award I just won. More posts stat.

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