Monday, March 4, 2013

A post about my actual life.

Because I'm apparently in the mood to blog today and because I'm apparently in the mood to abuse "because".
So I think it's a bloggerish thing to like, post things about your actual life instead of the internet at large?  So I thought I would keep in with my grand tradition of not actually writing that much but showing lots of pictures instead. But in the exciting twist no one saw coming, they will be pictures not of the cool people out there but of my life. Excitingest.
So here you go. Evidence that I'm a flesh-and-blood person who lives in the real world and not just in the Internet. (But if anyone figures out how to Willy Wonka that, lemme know, aight?)
I present: my room, in all its 12x12 glory.

Kooks poster from Edinburgh, guitar, scarf, giant panda.
DIY shotgun shell necklace, bunny locket from Edinburgh, old RCA record from Tennessee.
Pissarro print from Paris, doodle by me, GAP jacket, vintage 60s camera from Tennessee, wooden shoe model from Portobello Market, ditto spool. Lots of books and Harry Potter.
Vanity, collage by me, pictures & postcards.

Amy Poehler's face, magnet board, absurdly precarious stack of books.

It might be possible to have too many shoes and scarves. Tan and pink scarf, GAP, purple pom pom hat, GAP, blue plaid scarf, GAP, tan plaid scarf, London, fuschia and orange scarf, Marks & Spencer, black and yellow scarf, Wu Tang Clan, trainers, Saucony, high-tops, thrifted, Nike x Liberty of London, London.

My closet doors? I dont' know how to share personal stuff, you guys, so just pretend like pictures of closet doors is something all bloggers do. Jacket left, GAP, jacket right, Topshop.
My altar, I mean, my bookshelf. Color-coordinated because no reason, okay? Because everything is better color-coordinated.
White lace curtain, books (duh), sketch by me.

My closet? A fine mess it is. Only partially color-coordinated but I'm working on it, aight? (See also, "such a thing as too many shoes"."

Obviously we have a DINO in Lincoln Park. Guardin those green books like a boss.
All kinds of exciting things happening on these shelves - look, a double decker! An impressive looking book by Oscar Wilde that I haven't actually read yet! Cool magazines!
I love my bookshelves, okay? It's not a big deal.

I call this photo "Windowsill", or, "Books in every bloody possible nook and cranny". Whichever title is fine.

Teddy Burrrs. Because based on Love, Actually, it's acceptable to have a teddy bear (or two or three or four) even into your thirties. Deal with it.

Good foray into actual blogging land? Or should I stick to essentially being a glorified Pintrest board?

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