Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, John & Sherlock.

...don't you adore them?

I'm desperately in love with BBC's Sherlock.
It's so perfect. 
Best Sherlock and John in the world? Obviously.
And in case you're from Planet Sad and you're like, Benedict Cumberbatch? Martin Freeman? The first sounds like Mr. Sex himself (sorry Moriarty; you're brilliant though), and Martin Freeman sounds like an insanely lovely human being, but...sorry, who? Well, then, watch four and a half hours worth of Sherlock on and CATCH THE FREAK UP.
Oh my loves. If I could watch nothing else but Sherlock...well, it's worth giving up Parks & Rec for this. (Apologies to Amy Poehler -you do understand, don't you?)
Please watch it. It's so lovely. So lovely.
Now I'm going to go watch the forty-seven minute Q&A with the stars of the show, okay? And cry about last night's episode, okay? And pretend this isn't an obsession...okay?

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