Saturday, April 14, 2012

Get in, loser. We're going to the Capitol.

Been listening to the band Dinosaur Feathers and The Neighbourhood tonight, vair groovy stuff right there.  The Neighbourhood can be found (for frees!) on Nylon, Dinosaur Feathers (tambien!) on RCRDLBL.
Also was on the hilarious Mean Girls of Panem Tumblr - only thing better than this is Harry Potter plus Mean Girls, obvs.
Which of course led me to the gal who plays FoxFace - Jacqueline Emerson - which of course led me to her Tumblr.  Of course.  And she is just freaking adorable.  That's my story.
I think I may be catching a strain of the Hunger Games bug.  I kind of want to go watch it again now.  I'm really starting to dig the books/see the movie again? Consider it done.  I guess I'm forfeiting my hipster card, kids.
Um.  Because she's adorable and also crazy talented?

Um.  Because it's her birthday?  Happy birthday Emma Fantastic Watson!
I will be forever trying to figure out how to be as excellent as you.

And haters gonna hate, but I love winter.  I just saw this picture randomly in my files and it made me happy.  So here you go!

xxx and all that you kids!

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